Qualcomm and LG Electronics reach patent licensing agreement

Qualcomm and LG Electronics have entered a five-year agreement that allows the South Korean company to licence Qualcomm’s patents to develop, manufacture and sell 3G, 4G and 5G devices.

“Qualcomm is pleased to enter into a new global patent license agreement with LGE,” said John Han, senior vice president and general manager at Qualcomm Technology Licensing, in a recent press release. “This agreement builds on our long-standing technology relationship and reaffirms the value of Qualcomm’s world-class patent portfolio…”

Qualcomm also ended its lengthy dispute with Apple back in April 2019 through a new patent agreement.

However, while Apple has settled its case, the company also recently purchased Intel’s now-defunct modem department likely tlo develop its in-house solution, giving the tech giant even more control over what goes into its products.

That said, it’s likely that Apple’s next-generation of iPhones will still utilize 5G modem chips supplied by Qualcomm.

Source: Qualcomm