Google’s new reading app aims to help children who struggle to read

Rivet, a new app created by Google, uses technology and voice processing to help children who are struggling to learn how to read.

The app uses advanced speech technology to feature an in-app assistant that helps children when they stumble on a word. Rivet includes more than 2,000 free books.

If a child is unable to read a word, they can click on it to hear it. The child can also choose to say the word aloud and be shown which parts of their pronunciation need improvement.

The app features translations for more than 25 languages to aid kids who are non-native speakers.

Parents can use the ‘Follow-Along’ mode for younger readers. The mode allows children to listen to stories as the words are highlighted on the screen.

Although there are several reading apps for children, Rivet is interesting because of its use of voice processing.

Google created this app because it wanted to focus on reading as a fundamental skill, according to Rivet’s head of tech and product, Ben Turtel.

The app can be found in the iOS App store and the Google Play Store.

Source: Google