Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e reportedly loses Wi-Fi strength in portrait orientation

Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S5e tablet

There already seems to be a significant issue with Samsung’s recently released Galaxy Tab S5e tablet.

Reportedly, if users hold the tablet in the landscape orientation and cover the lower left corner with their hand, it causes the device’s Wi-Fi to shut off. According to SamMobile, if the tablet is held in this way the signal is blocked from reaching the device’s receiver.

To make the Wi-Fi work when holding the Tab S5e in the landscape orientation, you need to keep the device in a way where the tablet’s camera is located in the right corner. This positions the receiver at the top so your hand doesn’t block it.

The Wi-Fi doesn’t cut out, however, when the user is holding the Tab S5e in the portrait orientation with the selfie camera at the top.

SamMobile also mentions that the issue doesn’t always result in a complete lost in Wi-Fi signal. The Netherland-based publication notes that there is only a 50 percent dip in strength. However, this decrease is more than enough to ruin the experience when playing games like Fortnite or while using video streaming apps.

SamMobile continued by stating that it was not able to make the tablet completely lose strength at all.

Additionally, replacing your tablet won’t fix the issue given that it is hardware related. It’s strange that Samsung didn’t uncover this issue while testing the tablet.

We’ve reached out to Samsung Canada for more details regarding the Tab S5e’s Wi-Fi issues. However, it’s possible that users in Canada have not experienced this issue.

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Source: SamMobile