Apex Legends’ servers are fixed [Update]


Update 03/04/2019: Respawn has confirmed that it has rolled out a fix on all platforms.

For those who lost any progress, the developer says that anything saved on your account up until 1pm ET/10:00am PT will get returned. Further, if you made any purchases or opened loot boxes between 1pm and the fix, the cash will be refunded.

This means that if you opened a loot box with Wraith’s heirloom items during the time the servers were down, you might want to check your account because it’ll likely be gone.

Respawn says the issue occurred because players were unintentionally put into the wrong servers when the patch dropped.

The original story follows below.

Many players are reporting that they aren’t able to log into the hit battle royale game Apex Legends — however, at least for the moment, that might be for the best.

After the latest Apex Legends update to ‘version 1.1,’ users are reporting that they’ve lost all account progression. On Reddit, Respawn has indicated that it will start turning off servers in order to fix the issue.

Respawn, the developer of the game, tweeted that it is currently looking into the bug. For those who are still playing Apex without any issues, Respawn suggests players should avoid buying or crafting items until they’ve fixed the problem.

Currently, if you’re one of the players who has lost their account progression, there is no word if Respawn will be able to restore it.

Over the last three hours, more than 2,521 people have reported on DownDetector.com that they are experiencing issues with Apex Legends.

While you’re waiting for the servers to turn back on, you can learn more about the patch that caused the problem here.