Google is expanding support for Assistant calling to more devices in Canada

A majority of speakers are still unsupported, however

More Canadians can now use their Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers to make voice calls.

Previously, Canadians could ask Assistant to make calls from all first-party Google devices. Google has now extended that functionality to a variety of third-party smart speakers, as well.

The Google support page now mentions that some Insignia and Harmon Kardon smart speakers support the calling feature. Notably, Harmon Kardon also manufacturers  smart speakers are under the JBL brand name.

When taking advantage of this feature, Assistant calls using a real phone number, not Duo. In Canada, you can only call people with U.S. or Canadian numbers.

To link your phone number to your Google Account, open the Google app. Tap on the ‘Updates’ button, then on your account icon in the top right-hand corner. From there, open ‘Settings’ then swipe over to the ‘Services’ tab.  Choose ‘Voice and Video calls,’ then ‘Mobile calling.’

It should say your account is linked with “your own number” if you do this on a phone.

You can also access the settings page through the Google Home app.

Assistant can make calls in both Canadian French and English.

Source: Google Via: Android Police