Rogers to double investments in B.C. to improve wireless service

The company also announced network improvements in Surrey, B.C.

Toronto-based national telecom Rogers announced plans to increase investments in British Columbia to enhance wireless and wired services.

The company plans to double investments in 2019, as well as work with the University of British Columbia to build a 5G blueprint and research smart city and transportation applications.

The investments will go towards expanding its LTE network in the province, as well as boosting and increasing the density of its fibre-powered network in Vancouver. It’ll also help lay the groundwork for 5G in B.C.

Roger’s work with UBC follows a multi-million dollar partnership announced last year. The goal of the partnership was to build a real-world 5G hub on the UBC campus. At the time, Rogers claimed the hub would form the blueprint for 5G innovation in Canada.

Additionally, Rogers has two research investments with UBC. The first supports the Clean, Connected and Safe Transportation Testbed, a smart city initiative to assess how 5G will improve autonomous vehicle safety, traffic management and fuel efficiency.

The other research investment will support research into reducing frequency interference when multiple 5G devices communicate at the same time over the same spectrum.

On top of the investments and research projects, Rogers also announced it improved wireless service along Fraser highway at the intersections of 64th Avenue and King George Boulevard in Surrey, B.C.

Additionally, it improved service at two sites in the Newton area of Surrey.