Get lunch for $1 with Toronto-based Ritual’s North York food festival

Ritual is also expanding to Dovercourt and Dufferin Grove area

Ritual North York food fest

Toronto-based order-ahead app Ritual is running a massive food festival in North York, Toronto starting this week.

The ‘$1 Food Festival’ will see almost 40 restaurants participating to give users access to several delicious dishes for just a dollar. It will run from February 11th to 22nd, 2019.

However, the North York food fest has a catch. While new Ritual users can participate in the festival right away, existing users must refer one new person to Ritual to unlock access to the food fest.

Once the new user places an order during the festival time period, you’ll have access to the promotion as well.

As with past festivals, Ritual limits $1 orders to a maximum of five times throughout the week, with a max of one order per day. You can find participating restaurants with in-app search tag ‘NYDOLLARFEST.’

Here are just a few of the participating restaurants:

  • Artisan Noodle – 5421 Yonge Street
  • Nanashake – 4750 Yonge Street
  • Sugar Marmalade – 5322 Yonge Street
  • Z-Teca – Unit 7 at 5150 Yonge Street
  • EAT BKK Thai Kitchen – 4704 Yonge St
  • Jin’s Mi-Fen – 5515 Yonge St
  • Cottage – 15 Northtown Way #24
  • CHAINSMOKER Urban Smoked Meats – 3513 Bathurst St

Also on February 11th, Ritual is expanding to Dovercourt and Dufferin Grove area in Toronto.

Ritual partnered with close to 20 restaurants in the area to offer $1 dishes as well. Again, customers can order up to five times to a maximum of once per day. This promotion is open new and existing users and runs until the 22nd as well.

Users can find participating restaurants in-app with search tag ‘DOLLARFEST.’

If you don’t have Ritual, you can get the app for free from here.

Update: 02/11/2019 at 10:10am: Corrected a sentence listing the Dovercourt Food Fest as restricted to new users. It’s open to all Ritual users.