Airbnb named Toronto seventh best city for LGBTQ travellers

Toronto placed in three of five categories

City of Toronto daytime

Toronto is among the best cities for LGBTQ travellers, according to a study released today by Airbnb.

The short-term rental app released a specially commissioned study revealing which cities had the most to offer LGBTQ travellers. The study was conducted by a PR agency called ABCD.

The company looked at 100 cities around the world with the highest Pride attendance and compared them in five different categories: dating scene, nightlife, attendees, marriage equality and travel.

Toronto placed highly in a few of the categories, but unfortunately missed out on the top slot.

Dating scene

Dating app Tinder shared data about the highest per capita use of LGBTQ Tinder profiles around the world. London, England won the category, with the highest per capita LGBTQ users.

Toronto placed seventh in this category.

Pride numbers

Airbnb also looked at how many people attended Pride in 2016 and 2017. São Paulo won the category with approximately three million attendees.

Toronto placed second in this category. According to the annual Pride report for 2017, 2.1 million people attended events during Toronto’s Pride Month.

Marriage equality

This category had joint winners, based on when a city legalized same-sex marriage. Three cities in the Netherlands — Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht — were the first to do so in 2001.

Toronto places third on this list, since Ontario formally legalized same-sex marriage in June, 2003. Montreal also made the list, as Quebec legalized same-sex marriage in March 2004.

Overall winner

The Big Apple won first place overall. New York placed high in a number of categories, including nightlife, dating scene and the city has impressive Airbnb stats.

Toronto placed seventh overall, the only Canadian city to make the list.

So if you’re looking for one of the best places to travel for Pride, the Six should be one of your top considerations.

Toronto’s 38th annual Pride Parade takes place June 24th starting at 2pm.

Source: Airbnb