Fitbit quick replies and women’s health tracking now available

New features from the popular wearables company

Fitbit Versa

Back when it announced the Versa, Fitbit promised two new features, ‘Quick Replies’ and women’s health tracking, would arrive later in the year. The company is now rolling out those features to users.

Quick replies allow Versa and Ionic users with Android smartphones to send pre-populated responses to SMS and chat app messages they receive while their smartwatch is paired to their smartphone.

Some of the default replies include options like “Yes,” “Sounds good!” and “Can’t talk now, will replay later.”

Additionally, users can send a small selection of popular emoji, including tears of joy face, thinking face and smiley face.

Using the Fitbit app dashboard, users can also create custom replies. At launch, there’s a limit of five custom replies per messaging app. Custom replies can include a combination of 60 characters, and can include both text and emoji.

Women’s health tracking, meanwhile, will eventually be available to all Fitbit app users, though it’s first rolling out to iOS and Windows users (it appears as a tile on in the main app dashboard). Fitbit says it will push the feature to Android users later this month.

Women’s health tracking allows female Fitbit users to log their menstrual cycles, record symptoms and compare between different cycles. When Fitbit first announced Women’s health tracking, the company said it was one of the most requested features from female users, who wanted one app where they could track all their health and fitness data.

Female users who own either an Ionic or Versa smartwatch will be able to see snippets of information related to their period on their wearable, including their fertility window. In addition, women can set up the app to send themselves a notification two days before their next period is predicted to start. Fitbit has also included a database of information, developed by two leading researchers in the field, that users can access if they want to learn more about their periods.

Update to the latest version of the Fitbit app (iOS and Android) to check out the new features.