Koodo enables iPhone VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling

You'll need an iPhone 6 or higher to take advantage of the features

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Starting this week, iPhone users on Koodo can take advantage of Wi-Fi and VoLTE calling.

Koodo initially launched VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling last month when it enabled the features on the LG V30. As of this weekend, both are also available on the iPhone 6 and higher. The Telus flanker brand plans to bring the features to additional devices in the future.

VoLTE calling allows smartphone users to complete calls over a carrier’s 4G network, instead of dropping to 3G. This shift brings a number of advantages with it, including improved call quality and faster dial times.

Koodo VoLTE calling

Wi-Fi calling, meanwhile, allows one to use a nearby Wi-Fi network to complete their call. This is helpful in situations where there’s a spotty network connection.

To take advantage VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone, download Koodo’s updated carrier settings by launching iOS’s Settings app. Navigate to ‘General’, and then tap on ‘About.’ This should prompt your device to install the new settings. Once that’s done, you’ll see additional options in the LTE section of the Settings app.

Koodo parent company Telus first started rolling out Wi-Fi and VoLTE calling in 2016. Koodo started testing the features last year.

Source: Koodo Mobile

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