Qualcomm’s Broadcast Audio platform is available on the Snapdragon 845 processor

Near-perfect audio synchronization across a myriad of Bluetooth-equipped devices

U.S.-based chip manufacturer Qualcomm has announced that its Broadcast Audio platform will be available on the company’s upcoming Snapdragon 845 system-on-chip.

Broadcast Audio allows audio to be streamed almost perfectly in-sync across a number of Bluetooth-equipped headsets and speakers.

According to a February 21st, 2018 media release, Broadcast Audio is “designed to support Bluetooth to be used for one-to-many sound broadcasting.”

“Qualcomm Technologies continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with wireless audio technologies, and broadcast helps consumers to share their music in new and exciting ways directly from their mobile phone,” said Anthony Murray, senior vice president and general manager of voice and music for Qualcomm, in the same February release.

While Bluetooth audio streaming across multiple rooms in a home — akin to installing a series of Sonos speakers in individual rooms — is one possible use-case, Qualcomm envisions that Broadcast Audio will be used for connecting a group of individuals to a single audio source.

“Imagine the laughter of a group of teenagers sharing a new song amongst their individual headphones, a ‘silent disco’ with hundreds listening to a DJ that only they can hear, a guided tour with simultaneous translation or [a] college dorm party where numerous speakers can participate to support an impromptu party, they are just some of the exciting possibilities our customers can support with Broadcast Audio,” concluded Murray, in the same release.

Qualcomm will show off its Broadcast Audio-enabled chips at the 2018 Mobile World Congress expo in Barcelona, Spain later this month.

While Broadcast Audio will be immediately available on the Snapdragon 845, developers will be able to add the audio feature “post-scale on many products,” according to Qualcomm.