Canada’s privacy commissioner confirms Uber is under investigation for security breach [Update]

Uber concealed, for over a year, a cyberattack that affected 57 million customers


  • Mike R

    Call a cab

    • Dimitri

      No thanks. Last time I did that the cab driver was holding his phone to talk while driving and didn’t pay attention. Not saying uber drivers don’t pay attention but they most drivers I have taken do.

      Plus taxi drivers are greedy and ask for a tip at the end and or speed. Not worth it imo.

    • beyond

      i’ve been asked for a 5 star rating by several uber drivers, and in one case an uber vehicle reeked real bad of second hand smoke. So far my experience with cabs has been a bit better, although it is more expensive. I have yet to encounter any driver (uber or taxi) that asked for a tip though.

    • Dimitri

      You can always complain that the drivers car smelled really bad and anything else. They will either give u a refund for the whole trip or give u a 5-10 discount on ur next trip.

      I have had Uber cars (2 of them) smell bad and just sent back feedback. Thats all.

  • mwahahahaha

    Hey I have nothing to hide anyway, so I don’t care if they see my information.

  • MoYeung

    Insufficient evidence

  • Marc Palumbo

    Who’s running Uber now? Yahoo?