Microsoft working on fix for Xbox One X Blu-ray black levels issue


  • Colin Sewell

    I don’t understand. Did no-one at Microsoft think to plug it into a 4K TV and play back some HDR content, or did they do this and not notice the black levels, or were the fully aware of the problem and released it anyway, hoping either no-one would notice it, or plan on fixing it after the complaints came in later? After all, this console has been in development for a while now.

    • Chuck Green

      It was made with a focus on gaming, and they added 4k Blu-ray support. Sony doesn’t even have that and Blu-ray is their baby. Also a patch in a few days is pretty freaking awesome.

    • John Lofwire

      IF you include something as big as a UHD blue-ray player and boast about it all around with big marketing you have to make it work right out of the box.

    • John Lofwire

      There is no valid excuses..

      I can accept that some hardware issues happens ( so many built ) so its possible some have hardware issues.

      But this kind of software issues is unnaceptable.

  • Joseph Cormier

    I have been enjoying the Xbox One X. Really have Ahad no issues. I have not tried a HAD Blue Ray. I have one coming in from Amazon. I think I will wait until the patch comes in. But they should have caught this…

  • Eluder

    I’ve had mine since launch and loving the console. Games looks awesome (especially One X optimized) and run silky smooth, plus it’s super silent which is great. It’s actually reinvigorated my passion for gaming because it reminds me of playing on my (gaming) PC, but on the comfort of my couch and connected to my 4K TV.

    • Chuck Green

      Just wait until the rumored keyboard and mouse support is natively added! Then we’ll have the best of both worlds. I play at 1080p anyway because it’s more difficult to stream or record at anything higher right now so love the frame rate boosts!

    • John Lofwire

      Xbox dont support that?

      Strange i have that support on ps4 since i got my ps4 ( then its up to the game developper to include it or not as control option ) played final fantasy 14 and war thunder with them.

  • I got one but I havn’t used it for a single blue ray.

  • Chuck Green

    Jesus, a patch in a few days! Good on you M$!