SNES Classic will be available at Toys R Us Canada on November 18th


  • Marshall Davidson

    Line up? What for? Forget it

  • Brett Arnold Allard

    Great. Winnipeg shafted as usual! … I honestly don’t even know one person who has managed to get one in this city and every Friday I call to confirm if anything is in stock only go be told they haven’t had any since the beginning of October.. Garbage

    • Traumahound

      Right. Even in the Greater Toronto Area, only one store is tapped to get them, and it’s WAY in the north east of the region. Shafted again.

    • Yeah, pretty stupid. Considering Toronto is a larger location, not a single store having it is a let down

  • Anonymous Agent

    I thought toys r us was going bankrupted and closing down their stores.

    • Banko yes but not closing stores or online operations. At least not yet.