How to enable the iPhone X’s greyscale option to significantly extend battery uptime


  • Mo Dabbas

    It’s a shame that battery life on the 1500CAD phone is not as good as the price suggests.

    • h2oflyer

      I don’t think battery life is a consideration to many spending that kind of money on this phone.

      If they’d tick off all the Pro boxes for the i X , you’ll probably find battery on the bottom of the list, if it was even there.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Battery life is an important aspect for anybody who uses a phone. If it is not that’s because they probably didn’t have a phone with a solid battery life.

    • h2oflyer

      Understand that…point was that those buying the i X are putting other features ahead.

    • Mo Dabbas

      What features does it have on top of the 8+ besides the design and the bokeh effects from front camera?? To be honest I’m not even found of the design, and the front blurriness thing doesn’t seem to work that well from what I see from reviewers.

    • h2oflyer

      The important feature I see is cachet….after all it is an iPhone.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      There isn’t really much other than status symbol to those spending this kind of money.

    • Brad Fortin

      Price doesn’t correlate with battery life, otherwise phones like the Vertu phone would have had weeks/months of battery life while phones like the Moto E would’ve had minutes/seconds of battery life.

  • heynow00

    Great tip for the people who bought the iPhone X just for imessage and taking calls

  • Carolina

    how much extra life would this add onto the phone?? are we talking an extra hour or extra 5 hours

    • It’s Me


      Basically it’s super low power mode.

  • Marshall Davidson

    This feature is available on all iPhones, not just the X. Don’t know why the article is written to suggest its only a feature on that model.

    • Luuthian

      Probably because of the AMOLED screen. Darker colours require significantly less power on AMOLED, blacks requiring almost none at all.

      The actual battery savings probably won’t be massive though. Certainly not worth using your phone in black and white.

  • southerndinner

    Please don’t source BGR for anything. They’re trashbag clickbait garbage

    • XY

      glad someone said it before i did.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Big Garbage Reporting

  • BG

    The thesis of this article is probably one of the dumbest things I have seen in years.

    Why, oh why, would I spend $1700 on a phone with a gorgeous OLED display that is known for rich vibrant colours just to dumb it down to black and white?!? Seriously? That’s like asking me to save gas by going back to a horse and buggy.

    I thought this kind of thinking was debunked long ago. We don’t pay top dollar for our flagships just to turn off essential features. Would love to actually meet someone willing to use their X In greyscale mode. Still lol.

    • JD

      Supercharged V8s only please.

  • Troll

    Looks like Apple is finally revealing its 50 shades of grey to its followers.