Koodo, Fido and Virgin offer double data promo plans

The plans go from 1GB to 6GB


  • It’s Me

    Double for everyone that is getting screwed over anyway.


    • John

      I call them double dicking plans!

    • It’s Me

      Double data, with such over priced data to begin with, is like offering to spit instead of going dry. It doesn’t help much but it makes it sound like they care.

  • pozzitron


  • Adnan Zamir


  • Michel Roy

    videotron had 6G of data, unlimited phone and texting for 42.95$ if you bring your own device last week

    • It’s Me

      Down to $35 if you have 4 lines.

    • Samano

      Why isn’t there. Videotron in Ontario

  • Michel Roy

    actually they still have it at 49.95 this week

  • John W

    Hooray for Canadian competition!

  • Edwin L.

    These deals suck!

  • Suresh Aryal

    No evidence of collusion: Really CRTC? Just look at these plans. Even a blind person can feel it.

    • Samano

      Crtc getting a nice look the other way pay off

    • JB

      Competition is one thing, there’s at least plausible deniability. Launching identical promos simultaneously?

  • idiotsniff

    same price fixing as usual,

  • Parminder Singh Kalsi

    Omg so much data. It will take me few years to use that much data.

    • JD

      You broke my sarcasm meter. It completely overloaded.

  • bloodless

    Pretty lackluster “deals”.
    Seems like they want the see spot (actual useful plan) to always be around 65.00.
    So much for competition.

  • Samano

    Excuse my language but WTF is wrong with these companies in Ontario. They have use as chumps

  • Cam McArthur

    Not going to sign up for any of these, but Fido’s 6GB deal is better in terms of what you get

  • XY

    I just got 5 gigs for $90 Fido ontario for my S7 Edge 2 year contract.

  • Michael Smith

    I don’t understand. I’m with Fido, 2 gigs for 34$/mo. This promotion is nowhere near this ! (I’m in Quebec)

  • Roger Roger

    What deal? None!!! The Crtc is a joke. There is No Competition in Canada