Amazon Prime Day is now live in Canada


  • Erwin_Ign

    I actually got a $2 case for the iphone 7 plus, usually 15$. Not really happy that not all deals are available right away, have to wait at certain times to see what else is on sale

    • Mo Dabbas

      Ya. I noticed that the deals are constantly changing. Nobody has time to keep checking them every some hours.

  • Jason

    Been watching this for a bit and I haven’t seen a real deal

  • Omar

    Tech wise this is disappointing. Very little on sale in terms of smartphones or computers. Newegg is having a sale on the 11th which should be much better than this, hopefully MS will cover that too.

  • PΞTΞЯ™

    the Jaybird Freedom’s were $99 last night…

  • Ziggy Strawczynski


  • Chris Guenther

    I guess there’s some deals. But not worth the hype or waiting all day to see what else comes on sale. Hard pass.

  • Looked at the deals and as usual there is nothing that interests me at all. I have never seen one of these day yet that has a great deal I want!

    • Where are the USB C power banks??

    • Marshall Davidson

      It’s $45 to buy one of those. Hardly that expensive. Don’t be cheap.

    • If you can find me a power bank that supports USB C PD charging for $45 and is over 16000 mAh (no point in smaller for charging laptops or tablets) please let me know I’ll buy it up in a minute. I need to charge laptops, phones, tablets and if it does not support PD charging at 5v, 9v, 15v, 20v its just a phone charger! I’m not cheap it’s called looking for a product from 2017 not Amazon’s garage sale of products from 2015, but thanks!

    • I was hoping the Aukey 30000mAh would be on sale

  • Ricky Bobby

    Prime day is only meant to stock up on toilet papers and diapers. Browsing at the deals I almost thought I was in aliexpress

    Though that instant pot for $99 is a great buy

  • Marshall Davidson

    Let the yard sale begin…

  • Garrett Cooper

    Those Sony headphones are actually a pretty decent deal. I’m tempted.

    • Mo Dabbas

      I have them and for a Bluetooth headphones they’re are excellent. Have had them for 2-3 years and still producing excellent audio.

  • Bryan Hamon

    I keep wondering if Prime is worth while in Canada, Prime day just made me revisit that thought. Wish I could get a 30 day trial (Quebec can’t) or pay monthly like in the US. I don’t see any deal today that would make me rush out and pay the $80

    • It depends how much you buy. Take average of $5 shipping and if you buy 16 items you paid for prime and you get it in 2 days. Not everything is prime though so sometimes you still have to pay shipping on some items. We use it for work in our IT shop and we buy about 16 things a week so it is well worth it to us that used to use Synexx at almost $14 every time we bought something. You also get the other features like Amazon Prime video if there is anything on there you like.

  • Miles Harbord

    The occulus rift doesn’t appear to have the $100 amazon gift card.

    • Brandon James Starcevic

      I am a little miffed about this too. I bought it thinking i was going to get a gift card. It’s still the same price as Prime Day…. It’s the 14th

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    People who bought the Oculus Rift + Touch bundle on Prime Day, just got the gift card applied to their accounts.