Rogers CEO Joe Natale says more effort must be given to improve customer service


  • RichHomieGuan

    the biggest problem is that when a customer walks into a store they’re greeted by a rep who is a mere middleman that has to call in to process anything… that is super counter intuitive

    • Raymond Bungay

      I have had good service at Rogers Store in McAllister Place in Saint John, NB when I needed them. Could be an anomaly though!

  • Surveillance

    They should work on customer experience too, not just customer service. Starting with Kawartha Lakes, where they have 1 tower serving a population of 50,000.

    • Alex

      You’re right though. If we didn’t have issue’s, we wouldn’t have to call in. Granted, there are many who call in for minor things that could be fixed easily. But when you have a reps that have no authority to do anything, and many who do not have any more knowledge in phones and devices than the average consumer, it just makes everything crappy.

  • villain

    want improvement… the big 3 need to stop over charging the $#!t out of people. current plans are sad.

    • Most people don’t care about customer service.

      Customer service is only an issue because they need to get in touch with someone for something that should be easily done online without any human intervention.

      I don’t care about customer service; Make self serve usable, get rid of all the call centre reps and reduce price.

    • John Lofwire

      not everyone is as techy as us ppl who comment on tech review websites.

      I can guarantee you most of my client keep doing business with me because i give a personalised service..

      They never have to call the carrier as i handle all thats for them.

      Sometime they pay 10$ per device more a month just for this ( and when they have 200 devices… its a lots to pay for service but apparently its worth it )

      About time Rogers wake up to this.

    • There are far more techy users who are more than capable of doing many online than not.
      They should focus more on improving their online system to make it robust and ensure its functions/capabilities are optimized. Obviously due to fraud there are some functions that are going to be disabled, requiring you to visit a store.

      Many of the customers who require you to do something for them are either old and refuse to adapt to the digital age OR those who don’t want to waste their time trying to figure it out (this is where Rogers & other carriers need to make it less complicated.. Make their online systems fast, fully functional and easier to navigate and complete the task).

      Obviously someone is willing to pay $10/mo extra to avoid having to call into Rogers and wait half an hour for an issue to deal with. Many people make more than $20/hr.. 30 minutes wasted for most people means more than just the $10/mo they’re paying extra.

    • Stephen_81

      I think they should very much do the increased self service with their sub brand Fido, but for me I want to get on the phone and get things sorted out, I have time to talk when I’m driving home each night after I’ve cleared my voicemails, Longer wait times on hold make me change the businesses I do business with. I’m happy (well not really happy) to pay a premium to be able to handle my business with someone who can get to the bottom of issues.

  • john smith

    price price price

  • Stephen_81

    While people will say “price will fix everything” That isn’t the case, no matter how cheap you make something people will always find a way to complain. So instead of dropping our pricing, which would be nice for the short term, I want to see more of the money invested in the customer experience. Training for the store reps is Poor at best. the focus for them is closing a sale, and while that is important for the bottom line, really if I want to make a 2 year commitment to a device and contract they should have more training about the device and how to use it, and how to fix problems with it after the sale.

    When I email Rogers business support, I get an automated response telling me I will get a response in 48 business hours. but Businesses don’t close on weekends, Rogers business support shouldn’t either! AND 48 hours is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for a response if Customer service is going to be a focus. More resources need to be put into that department and better prioritizing tools to close that gap to 24 hours or less.

    My primary mobile line has been with Rogers since August 2010, I will be shopping around other carriers this summer because of the customer service, and the fact Roam like home isn’t going to be enough to hold me as it did almost 2 years ago.

  • Raymond Bungay

    Start by fixing one of the hardest web sites to navigate the is out there. I feel like I am going in circles most times but then I figured it out, Rogers wants to go in circles to make you dizzy in order you make stupid decisions. As for the phone folks, if I get someone other than Toronto on the line I can expect great service, but when I get contacts from Toronto I usually hang up feeling defeated and deflated. Should not be that way, IMO. By paying my inflated bill each money, those contacts work for me not me working for them. Fix that Joe then you have earned your high salary!!!!!

  • Patrick Swan

    Never had a problem with customer service been with them for 17 years. The website definitely needs overhauling half the time you get load errors other half you cannot find anything. And prices are getting ridiculous Bells business plans way cheaper and way more data.