Google releases official Android O developer preview video

Android Nougat

In this new video (found below) Google developer Nasir Khan presents Android O’s developer preview, giving us a quick look at what to expect from the tech giant’s new operating system.

Android O’s developer preview released last week and now Khan has presented a five-minute look at the features included in the upcoming operating system.

Khan explains that Android O gives the ability to control what actions specific apps are able to perform when running in the background. The purpose of Android O controlling background services, “is an effort to improve interactive performance by improving RAM usage,” says Khan.

According to Khan, apps active in the background of an Android O device will only run for a short period of time after the app is closed. Android O devices that run location services in the background will only receive limited updates, however, GPS or fitness apps will be untouched by this update.

“Android O adds notification channels to give users more fine grain controls over notifications,” says Khan. Users now have more options related to notifications with Android O, including the ability to block specific categories, change the importance of a notifications, add vibrations/lights and alter lockscreen privacy.

In terms of Facebook, Android O lets users turn off Facebook likes but still keep Facebook tags, as well as change the importance of Facebook Likes.

According to Khan, all Android O devices will also allow for Picture-in-Picture with supported apps, letting Netflix play in the corner of the screen while still browsing the web. Android O devices will also feature multi-display support.

Finally, Khan says Android O has new Autofill capabilities that fill out passwords and forms faster when compared to phones running Nougat.

The final version of Android O won’t be available until third quarter 2017.