Galaxy S8 will use facial recognition to authenticate Samsung Pay users


  • Jesse Gaudet

    Samsung pay is non existent in Canada, so facial recognition for payments is quite irrelevant for most Canadians, me included.

    • It’s Me

      I thought they said it would be out before the end of 2016?

    • Bobboganush

      It is. Sort of. Only CIBC credit card users have access to it at the moment. But this whole push to scanning your face (and the fingerprint location) has me thinking that this device is going to be a pass.

    • thereasoner

      I think I’d get used to the location of the fingerprint scanner myself and would probably never use face recognition.

    • It’s Me

      Yeah, I used to think phones that made you do a reach around to unlock were a waste. And for the most part they were, especially when they used crappy sensors that required you to slide your finger around. But if Samsung can implement a sensor that works well and works fast, the reach around won’t be that bad.

  • It’s Me

    So when paying, you will have to hold your face over the phone? And in low light, close enough to allow it to read your iris? That doesn’t seem very well thought out.

    • thereasoner

      Face, finger print iris and pin number, I’m sure all options will be available.

  • cantbanthisguy

    I remember the Note 2 I used to use had facial recognition. Are you going to be able to fake it out with pictures like you could before?

    • thereasoner

      The tech is supposed to be 3D now so a picture shouldn’t do it.

    • Brad Fortin

      So now you’ll need a 3D-printed mask?

  • thereasoner

    They’re all fine to use in this case as you generally have a set amount of time to pay after you authenticated using whatever type of biometric security chosen. In most all cases I see this being done beforehand while your items are being scanned by the cashier so no wait I’m thinking.

    That said, I’m not sure that I’d personally make use of facial recognition for mobile payments, fingerprint seems fine for that purpose and facial recognition better suited for things like opening a shared/partitioned device or for times when my hands aren’t free/clean etc. I suppose that iris and facial recognition could compliment each other as well, iris in low light and facial with sunglasses on etc if one sets it up that way.

    • It’s Me

      That’s the thing. With a fingerprint scanner you authenticate while you are paying not before (though you could do it before if you wanted to I guess). Hold your phone to the terminal with your thumb on the sensor and it goes to payment mode and authenticates all in one motion. Facial rec or iris scans would either require you to first hold it up to your face to authenticate and then move it to the terminal to pay or that you move your face over the terminal while paying. Not a huge issue but just extra steps involved.

      I agree that they are better suited for things like unlocking your phone or apps, since you are using it directly in front of your face at those times.

    • thereasoner

      When I tried my mobile payment app from TD I did so beforehand, it gives me time to do so. Can’t remember how much time but it seems silly to wait until the last second if you don’t have to.

      As for face and iris, I doubt you have to “hold up” your phone, I’m thinking that my face/eyes are always facing the screen already while holding it normally. At best I’ll have to make a small adjustment to line up my eyes/face and I’m sure that both could be used without knowing.

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