Rogers, Bell, Telus are among Canada’s most valuable brands


  • TomsDisqusted

    That seems crazy on the surface – given the horrible experiences that customers have with Robellus – but I guess its more about knowing the brand then liking it.

    And with the degree to which those companies practically own this country, I can’t deny that they are extremely well known.

    • It’s Me

      Absolutely related as much or more to how well they are known than how well they are liked. The most hated companies in Canada happen to be the exact same brands…the big banks and the big carriers. These are also some of the biggest companies in Canada and happen to all be companies that came up under very protected regulation that fostered and stimulated their growth.

      People might hate them, but you can’t deny their success, even if it required the largess and generosity of Canadians. At least our banks were able to take their domestic success and become international successes as well. Our telcos are terrified of leaving the nest and prefer to stay at home and work together not to rock the boat.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      Well said..

      We can hate them but we still need them.

  • Roger

    It doesn’t mean customers value them. Personally, I used to like Telus before the whole 2-year contract and lack of appreciation for my loyalty since 2001.

  • George

    I guess by stealing from people can make a valuable brands – this is what these big 3 do!

  • blzd

    AKA Canada’s biggest price gougers. It’s no wonder every telecom would like a piece of the Canada pie, and why Shaw invested big in Wind.

    Being a telecom in Canada is like printing free money.

  • I guess terrible service, hostile and underhanded treatment of customers, price gouging and ceaseless whining about government regulations pays off.

  • tarta70

    Cartel, not brands.

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