Facebook introduces new Messenger ‘Lite’ app for Android aimed at emerging markets

Facebook Messenger Lite Android

Facebook has just launched a ‘Lite’ version of its popular chat app, Messenger.

Set to launch in Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Venezuela, the app is designed to run on older Android smartphones that have less available internal storage, memory and not as powerful CPUs as the current crop of Android handsets. It’s currently not clear what features the Lite version of Messenger ditches to make it a better fit for older Android devices.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has launched a stripped down version of one of its core apps. Back in June of last year, the company released Facebook Lite.

While many smartphone users in Canada would probably appreciate the chance to download less resource-intensive versions of Facebook’s apps, it’s unlikely Messenger Lite will make its way to Canada. Canadian users currently cannot download Facebook Lite due to a geolock — though it’s possible to circumvent that restriction with the help of a VPN service.

Source: Facebook


  • georgejia

    Messenger is popular because they literally force you to install it by removing chat function from the main app. It’s shitty business practice and reminds me of realplayer.

    • JTon

      Messenger is popular because people use it. If you don’t use it, why install it

    • His point was that you used to be able to FB message from within the main FB app, not requiring a second storage hungry app.

    • JTon

      Siloing functionality into two apps not only allows each respective app to be slimmer but gives the devs more flexibility with updates and features. It’s better. Google is doing it too with Duo/Allo.

    • Currently the two apps together take up 665mb on my phone. 6 years ago the FB app which did both functions took up maybe 20-30mb.

    • josh6025

      Facebook: 63.63 MB
      Messenger: 145 MB

      So if your apps are taking up 600 MB, delete the data and reset them.

    • I do delete it regularly, and it only takes a few days to build up that cache again, so I can’t really consider the app to only be 63mb when it effectively is several hundred.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      MS readers and tech savvies will know how to delete the cache but not 90% of the device users.

    • deltatux

      Because sometimes you’re forced to use it when some of your contacts want to reach you but refuses to use anything other than Facebook Messenger…

  • Jo

    Well, as much as I agree with you Georgejia, it should still give anyone still using Blackberry 10 a chance to get Messenger (as they can only run apps that are compatible with Android Jelly Bean)

  • Spencer Navarra-Chew

    Try grabbing Facebook Lite from APKMirror. I had been using it on my trusty Samsung Galaxy Ch@t due to that phone’s small storage and slow SoC. It still had messenger integrated and was both way smaller and faster than the standard apps.
    I may dust of my Ch@t (I retired it this year for a Priv) and try Messenger lite too.