How to enable Rogers Android Wi-Fi Calling on the Samsung Note 5

As you may have read on our website, Rogers today launched Android Wi-Fi calling. Functionally similar to what’s been available on iOS 9 devices for a number of months now, the service is currently only available on the Samsung Note 5 – though additional Android devices will support the standard.

When enabled, the Note 5 will be able to seamlessly switch between the company’s network and an accessible Wi-Fi network, ensuring a call doesn’t drop.

Here’s how to enable the feature.

To start, you’ll need to download Android Marshmallow to your device. Rogers started rolling out the update to Note 5 devices on its network earlier today. Once the latest version of Google’s operating system is installed on your device, follow these steps to enable Wi-Fi calling.

1) Tap on the phone app icon. For most people, the icon for this app should be located on the bottom left of their phone’s home screen.

2) Once in the app, select the “More” option located at the top right of the screen. Then tap on the “Settings” option, and scroll to the bottom of the Settings menu. There will be a “Wi-Fi Calling” heading, tap on it. A link at the top of the next page will prompt you to “Click here to register for Wi-Fi calling or to update your existing Emergency Address.” Click on this link.

3) After clicking on the link, you’ll be taken to a Rogers-branded webpage. Here you’ll be prompted to input your mobile phone number to receive a verification code via SMS. Once you have the verification code, input it into the available field and tap “Submit.”

4) After the code has been verified, which shouldn’t take more than a few moments, a terms and conditions page will appear. Once you’ve read it over, click accept.

5) You’ll now be prompted to enter a 9-1-1 emergency address. This step is mandatory, as emergency dispatch centres aren’t able to detect your current address when you’re calling from a Wi-Fi network. You’ll then also be promoted to input your Canada Post address. Thankfully, a “Use this address” option will let you use the address you just inputed for 9-1-1 calls here. You can now leave your web browser.

6) Go back to the phone app and toggle the Wi-Fi calling option on. You’re now good to go, huzzah!