Ice Cream Sandwich users will be stuck on Chrome’s 42nd release forever


  • JBR

    Though it may be frustrating to those still running ICS, at some point developers inevitably have to stop spending time and money to support old technology. It happens with PC operating systems, happens with older versions of iOS and certainly, older phones reach end of life at some point. I don’t think that terminating future support for ICS users who represent a mere %6 of the Android market is unfair nor unexpected.

  • Brigitte Laskowski

    There are always ways around old phones/devices to update them to whatever OS you want. I’m sure some developer from XDA Developers will come out with a custom Lollipop ROM for those wanting to upgrade from Ice Cream Sandwich or even Froyo. Some people want to keep their device because it has features that the new devices no longer offer, Google.

  • K Everets

    Users could install Firefox and get much better backward support, as well as more current security updates.

  • Raj Singh

    There are other browsers available for those who choose to stick with Ice Cream…