Jolla announces plans for ‘security hardened’ version of Sailfish OS

With yesterday’s exciting day of product unveilings behind us, today brought a much more varied range of announcements from Barcelona. Jolla, for example, was on hand to talk security and its Sailfish OS.

Last we heard, Jolla was crowdfunding its new tablet with great success, but this week, the company is concentrating on its operating system. The company has revealed that it is partnering with SSH Communications Security on a new version of its OS designed specifically for the security conscious.

“It is evident that the world needs a secure, transparent and open mobile solution alternative, which is not controlled by
any country or major industry player,” said Antti Saarnio, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Jolla. “Together with leading security expert SSH Communications Security we are aiming to create an open European mobile solution running on Sailfish OS. We are also inviting other industry players to join the initiative.”

Though the company mentions both government officials and corporations in its press release, it seems consumers will also be able to use this new version of Sailfish. Dubbed Sailfish Secure, the OS is describes as a “security hardened” version of Sailfish OS. Though we know that SSH will be providing communications encryption and key management to Sailfish Secure, no other details were offered on the kind of enhanced security users can expect from Sailfish Secure verses the vanilla version.