BlackBerry Classic vs. Passport vs. Bold 9900 in photos

This past week, we got a chance to compare BlackBerry’s two newest devices, the Passport and the Classic, to their aging stalwart, the Bold 9900.

Not only are they running newer software in BlackBerry 10, but the Classic towers over the Bold, more so than we realized at first.


The Classic also does away with the curvature on the keyboard, something we’d also forgotten in the run-up to the Classic’s launch. While not considerably wider, the Classic has a more spacious keyboard that doesn’t need to curve up in a “smile” thanks to its larger, wider 3.5-inch screen.

The Classic also manages to stay marginally thinner than the Bold 9900 despite its much larger battery.


Finally, the Classic’s textured backing is more comfortable to grasp than the slippery combination of plastic and woven fibreglass of the Bold 9900, though one can argue that latter looks less dull.

We’ve also embedded Donny Halliwell’s latest video, comparing the Classic to the Bold 9900.

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