BlackBerry Passport sold out again at ShopBlackBerry [Update]

The BlackBerry Passport is currently available at several Canadian carriers, including Rogers, Bell, and TELUS. While it’s not possible to know sales numbers, the company saw immediate demand for its 4.5-inch flagship with orders surpassing 200,000 on the first day through its ShopBlackBerry store and Amazon.

Online orders from BlackBerry were quickly halted as stock of the Passport depleted. However, now a week later, those wanting to order direct from BlackBerry can now proceed. The out of stock label has been removed and BlackBerry is once again shipping. The price point for Canadians is still $699 unlocked and BlackBerry noted, “This product is currently on backorder and will start shipping October 6th.”

Update: It appears that the BlackBerry Passport is once again out of stock through ShopBlackBerry. No indication of how many units were ordered or when more inventory will become available.

Update #2: The BlackBerry Passport is once again showing stock is available to purchase at ShopBlackBerry. Same price of $699 (CDN)…. out of stock again.

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