BlackBerry ends BBM waitlist, opens it up to all iPhone and Android users


BlackBerry’s initial BBM rollout for iOS and Android was halted after a previously-leaked beta caused problems for the company’s back-end servers. When it resumed, iOS and Android users were subject to a waiting list that was intended to prevent the same type of overload.

Now, after a successful week that saw the app jump to the number one free app in 75 countries with tens of millions of downloads, the waiting list is no more, and you’re free to share your PIN with the world.

The iPhone app was also updated last night, fixing some nagging bugs that were introduced with iOS 7.0.3, including a crash on the Contacts screen.

Whether BBM is worth the hoopla is up for debate, but it’s certainly got everyone talking about BlackBerry again, giving the company its first nibble of good news in a long, long time.

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