Bell and Rogers HTC 8X and 8S receive GDR2 OS update


  • hunkyleepickle

    Anybody know if Canada gets access to podcasts from within the marketplace and Xbox music app? I got it on my 920 by flashing my device, just curious if the general release included it.

  • Martini

    I had an issue with getting Data Sense on my ATIV S, and I’m curious if the same problem applies to 8X/8S owners. After installing GDR2, Data Sense wasn’t present. Only after doing a reset in the “About” section of the phone was it enabled. Hopefully 8X/8S owners won’t have this problem.

    • morter

      Data Sense appeared fine for me on my HTC 8X after the regular update reboot.

  • Hamid

    damn, come to the telus lumia 620 already!

  • ifactcheckchainemails

    I downloaded it to a Bell HTC 8X yesterday. I got Datasense, FM Radio, and a little bit of my other storage (around 280 Mb) spontaneously cleared after the reboot. The sound quality of Bluetooth music playback on both a Logitech boombox and Ford Sync is noticeably improved. The annoying connection issues I was having with Sync seem to have dissappeared although I have only tried it once. I am pretty happy with it up to this point.