Research in Motion now officially BlackBerry Ltd. as shareholder vote passes


At Research in Motion’s final Annual General Meeting in Waterloo, Ontario today, the board of directors and shareholders voted, among other assignments, to change the company’s name to BlackBerry Ltd.

The intention to change the company’s name was first announced at the end of January during the official launch of BlackBerry 10. Between then and now, however, the company had to prepare its own branding and documentation, internally and externally, and brace for the transition. Though the stock ticker had already changed from RIM to BB on the TSE and BBRY on NASDAQ in New York, the company only officially became BlackBerry Ltd. today.

The company is coming off a disappointing first quarter, in which it lost money and sold only 2.7 million BlackBerry 10 devices. But Thorsten Heins, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, said during the AGM that the company is “not a devices-only company,” citing improvements in the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and cross-platform BBM coming later this summer.

Via: BlackBerry