Skype for Android gets redesigned, app now installed on over 100 million phones worldwide


  • Floyd Pepper

    i didn’t think it was possible, but they’ve somehow managed to make it _harder_ to sign out.

    My understanding is that Skype uses a peer-to-peer network so having many users to route through improves performance. Your phone can be used as a node even when you’re not actually using Skype. Am I correct?

  • Kristian Blais

    which is kind of ironic considering they’re owned by Microsoft

  • TomsDisqusted

    The problem with Skype has been that it makes it hard to exit and kills your battery. Well designed apps let you exit completely and easily, and use system notifications to wake the app quickly when needed.

    I’m hope this redesign addressed that problem with Skype!

    • Eduardo

      It doesn’t, it makes it more difficult, profile/menu/signout

  • hoo dat

    Read an interesting statistic the other day that applies to all platforms; Skype remains unused on about 85% of devices it’s loaded on. I have no idea how accurate this is but I know no-one who uses it either on a device or a PC/Mac.

    • Mike DeAngelo

      i use it on a daily basis on my Mac. I purchased the “Skype In” functionality that allows me to receive phone calls at a regular phone number. Then I added it to the list of numbers I use for Google Voice forwarding targets. This makes me reachable from a single number even when my cell has no coverage.

      I tried a bunch of different VoIP solutions, but Skype turned out to be the most reliable.

    • hoo dat

      I’m not questioning the functionality of the app but the claim that the app is installed on 100M Android machines. I would love to see the numbers of how many of those apps are actually regularly used on Android or any other device. If that %age is to be believed, only 15M users regularly use Skype, the rest are never or rarely used it at all.

  • Guest

    So no way to logout or exit the app once you sing…fail again..

  • yadeed

    so no way to logout or exit the app once you sign in…fail

    • Eduardo

      You have to go to your profile on the top right corner, hit the menu and logout… a pain in the

    • yadeed

      My bad …I know it was pretty obvious… a two o 3 step process depending where you are in the screen: top right corner then go down in the opposite direction and click left corner in menu…then hit logout… yeah very intuitive…still fail.

    • Eduardo

      It is terrible! I like the overall look of it but that doesn’t make any sense

  • Jon Newberry

    def looks a lot nicer than the old one, for sure, but i do agree with the log out issue. it can be quite annoying searching for it.

  • Claire

    How can I change my status from ‘Invisible’ to ‘Available’? It is so annoying….. I tried pressing the ‘Invisible’. but, nothing happened……….

  • aitwith

    Still a battery w***e, still no way to selectively mute conversations, group chatting is a joke. Signing out is ridiculous. I don’t know what they’re trying to set up Skype as a contender for, but it’s failing, hard.

  • jimmy23

    I use Tango, great app!!