Amazon launches Cloud Drive in Canada, gives everyone 5GB for free


  • ConsciousConsumer

    I am glad that I got the 50GB (yes, 50GB) Tresorit lifetime freebie. More secure with total privacy… Good luck with the Amazon “Cloud”.

    • goalcam

      What’s with the “scare quotes”?

    • ConsciousConsumer

      You read that correctly.

      Read the privacy agreement you enter into with most cloud services. You will understand my concerns.

  • Kris Pucci

    I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure I have had this for awhile now…and I live in Canada.

  • AllanVS

    All these updates, and new launches, and MobileSyrup goes and shuts down the mobile skin, so that they can serve ads to the phones. Greedy b_st_rds.

    • JustTheFax

      Chill and give them time. Its a website, not heart surgery.

    • AllanVS

      It’s been down for 4-5 months… it’s one reason I don’t check it on my phone.
      Why should my bandwidth be eaten by greedy people? I think I’ll have to stop using Mobilesyrup.

    • vengefulspirit99

      they are providing a free service to you. That’s like saying you’re not going to read the newspaper because of all the ads on it…

    • AllanVS

      News Papers cost a fixed cost. Coming to this website via my phone now costs more than it used to, because they decided to screw readers over by turning off the mobile skin.

      It’s like pulling into the gas station seeing 99.9/l … you pull up to the pump, and see “Regular” is 129.9.
      When you ask the person at the counter why the sign says 99.9/l they tell you it’s $1 for a litre of water.
      YOU expected gas to be $1/l but got water for $1/l.
      Users of Mobile Syrup have come to expect to be able to use a low-cost mobile version of the site, but the management has decided to screw us, by forcing a full size down our throats.

  • sicsicpuppy

    With Flickr giving a TB , I don’t see 5GB as big news .

    • HiKsFiles

      Problem with flicker is that it’s only for pictures…

    • Patrick Beliveau

      Problem with Flickr is that its owned by Yahoo


    • HiKsFiles

      good point! 😉

  • Mayoo

    Google = 15Gb free … move along, nothing to see here