Google Play Games confirmed real, could debut at Google I/O


  • jackjiarocks


  • Ronell  I.T. Man

    Apple, BlackBerry, and now………Google

  • TomsDisqusted

    I’m not interested in another platform lock-in mechanism, like BBM or most Apple services. I should be able to communicate with, and play games against friends on most platforms.

    I’m not asking them to support everything – which would be unreasonable – but I’m hoping that Play Games works on iOS and the web, as well as Android. If it is just Android then forget it.

    • Grant Jeffrey

      No, this is just like Xbox live or PlayStation network. Games can have cross-platform multiplayer, look at draw something, bike race, words with friends, etc. What it sounds like you’re saying is that everything should work the exact same on everything. It’s not locking you into android, it’s just giving us an enhanced gaming experience. Btw, Apple already has gamecenter so they’re not going to allow any Google alternatives (nor should they).

  • qu3becker

    If it brings more game to the android platform, why not?
    I see it like XBox Live and PSN.

  • Go Leafs

    Stupid name… “Google play game”?!

    I hope not… what kind of game, trying to trick us, mind game? Whoever named their app market should be the dumbest of dumb..

  • hurric

    I was never one to play games on almost any platform but I think it’s good to have the option for those who play. why not..the cloud saving of game data is a must these days as well

  • Wes

    Syncing between my tablet and phone is what interests me the most