WIND Mobile having massive ‘lightly loved’ sale


  • Ra’id Ahmed Ismail

    Awesome. Might pick up a Galaxy Nexus.

    • tom

      Thinking about the same thing. It is the only pentaband phone and best bang for your buck

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Don’t forget the Nexus 4

    • tom

      It is, but GN is the only Nexus phone in this sale.

    • tom

      Nexus S comes in two version, one is 1700mhz compatible, the other one isn’t.

    • vn33

      What’s the GN running right now ? ICS or JB ?
      So tempted to pick one up at that price !

    • qu3becker

      Wut? It’s a Nexus phone. It has the last update most of the time. It’s on 4.2.2 JB and will have 4.3 or whatever when it will be released.

    • Joel Jimenez

      It just received the 4.2.1 update about a month ago. No 4.2.2 yet. Not sure if it will ever get 4.2.2 since it took so long for 4.2.1

    • deltatux

      Just unlock and flash it with a yakju ROM. It’s a Nexus, use it as it was designed, be adventurous.

    • TP

      Just keep in mind that you may want to flash to the US takju or yakju version for the fastest updates. Canadian version (yakjuxx) is updated much later than takju/yakju.

    • Tom

      JB 4.2

  • Tweety

    Test out the phone thoroughly, before you head out the door.

    This is a perfect opportunity to pick up a back-up phone, or an extra phone for yourself, or someone else.

    I will be trying to find a Nokia 710 WP in my local Wind store. $89 – not bad!

  • bobfreeze

    Am a little concerned that WIND has stopped investing in its network. Went from 176 tower installs in the year ended November to 7 over the last 6 months!

    • alphs22

      They’re probably looking to sell to one of the big 3 and cash in.

      The whole “bringing in more competitors to Canada” thing was a sham.

    • chris

      I hear they’re working on improving their existing network. I know even in the past few weeks I’ve been finding improvements myself, particularly around Western Uni in London.

    • Todd Clayton

      Its all about the spectrum. Once the spectrum auction is finished the improvements will continue anew.

  • Martin Chan

    Basically pretty much every phone you buy from a carrier will be locked. As for the phones from WIND, they’re usually penta or quad band because they have to support WINd frequencies then their ROgers roaming frequency. Double check but it probably will work with the other carriers. Most of the time with LTE too. Great prices! it’s like having a new phone for half the price!

  • Rocco

    Some of the phone are unlocked. Google Nexus , Nexus 4.

  • Sanjay Kumar

    called more than 10 stores and found out that galaxy note 2 is sold out(lightly loved ones).

  • brian jackson

    Just switched to Wind (I have an unlocked BlackBerry Z10), and I am very happy with them for my commute between Toronto and KW.

  • Tim

    Looked at the Nexus, good deal if you don’t want to buy outright. You add $20 sim card and basic service and then cancel adds at least another $30 to the price

  • Danny Chen

    i am told that you can sign up, and then call them and say something like i get horrible signal and cancel (of course be more specific in thiis). and they should refund you this money for the month.

    • TP

      good luck with that, i may just forget about the $20 just to avoid all the hassles and troubles to get the money back.
      my time is more precious than $20.

  • Jonathan G.

    These are out right purchases right? Not prices you get while on a contract?

    • TP

      no WindTab = no contract = outright purchases

    • Rocco

      yes its outright. you own the phone.

  • Windy

    Just pay extra 50 bucks for the first month top up and the sim card, then its a win win for the rep and the customer. After the first month just don’t top it up and that number will deactivate automatically.

  • jonny

    WOW. The Galaxy Nexus is an OLLDDD phone. There is no way a USED one is worth $169!! Greedy pigs! And the Galaxy S3, used for $300?!? A person would have to be crazy to pay that price.

  • Todd Clayton

    Picked up an S3 myself. If it was used I sure couldn’t tell.

  • Khristopher Ranger

    Thanks so much for posting this, or I wouldn’t have known about it. Got the Galaxy Nexus. The guy didn’t want to sell to me, even though they had a few phones in stock. I had called 1 hour earlier, and they informed me they had plenty of them. The guy at the store tells me they are low on stock, and that I have to setup a new number and plan to get the phone. I read him the fine print, and then he said he’d see if he could get an exception. LOL! An exception to the fine print. More like he just wanted a sale that he wasn’t going to get. Anyway, I ended up getting it on my existing plan, which is above $20/month as the fine print states.