TMN GO now available to Rogers Cable customers

TMN GO launched last month to great acclaim and fanfare, providing subscribers of the premium television channel a digital extension to their cable portal.

Claiming over 1,000 hours of premium content, the iOS-only (for now) service launched for Bell and Cogeco subscribers, and today adds Rogers clients to its repertoire. The Movie Network subscribers on Rogers Cable will need an Anyplace TV login (also known as Rogers on Demand) to gain access, which is easily set up by linking an existing Rogers account. Subscribers to The Movie Network get TMN Go for free.

The app allows three simultaneous streams and five saved devices, which can be deactivated at any time. Astral Media, the owner of The Movie Network and HBO Canada, promises an Android app in the future but won’t comment on specific dates. The iOS version does not currently support AirPlay, so users are out of luck if you want to stream content wirelessly to your televisions. AirPlay Mirroring does, however, work using a MacBook.

TMN GO also supports adaptive streaming depending on network conditions and works on iPhone 3GS devices and newer.

Download TMN GO for iOS.
Via: CNW