Future HTC phone models leaked, confirms unannounced M7 flagship


  • E

    Why would they go from 64GB on the HOX+ to 32GB on the upcoming one? Only thing we need from HTC, is a bigger battery and real multitasking.

    • Twosee

      RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀


      RIP HTC!!!!!!

      GO SAMSUNG !!!!!

  • Michael

    Those rumoured M7 Specs sound REALLY good. There’s one important thing missing though, the battery, and we all know how HTC has done in that category in the past. Let’s hope the battery gets a big boost too.

  • Frosty

    I would give up most of the next gen features if I could get a phone with decent battery life.

    The only phone to have pulled this off is the Razr HD and the Verizon only Droid Razr Maxx. If only Google/Moto would bring that variant over here.

    • phreezerburn

      My Note II goes two days of solid use and a full day in my grandson’s hands. I agree though that the Razor Maxx was a brilliant phone that we here in Western Canada never once saw. They’d have sold a ton of them to anyone working the patch or in industrial construction but those at the phone companies appear to have never worked outside of their current niche.

  • Steve

    Dear HTC, how about a JB update to my HTC One X?

    • Mike

      If you’re waiting for the official one from Rogers, it’s coming this month.
      And then of course there are other ways of doing it if you don’t want to wait.

  • Fartknocker

    They won’t have removable battery or SD slots so Samsung will continue to dominate even with poorer build quality.

    • Darth Paton

      You guys just don’t understand the market at all! Sure, tech nerds like us only buy phones if they have expandable storage and removable battery, but the rest of the market does not care! That is why so many iPhones have sold over the last five years. The average consumer goes where the marketing, the sales reps, and where the rest of the consumers take them. HTC’s problem is not removable battery/micro SD; the problem is doesn’t have the brand power or the mind share in consumers that Samsung and Apple have.

    • Fartknocker

      @Darth Paton I don’t think you understand the market as well as you’d like to think you do. Hype and critical acclaim, which starts with the techies, is probably the most important thing. You can market products all you want, but if you don’t get the hype it’s going to fail (see: Windows Phone). Samsung offers the best overall package, therefore had gotten the best hype.

    • screamer

      Poor build quality? I have an otterbox on my galaxy s3 and can’t see the quality! !! But before I never had a case until I dropped the phone

  • Mike

    I’ve been waiting for the Quattro for a LONG time. Come on HTC, make the Quattro a 10-inch OneX and I will buy it the day it’s available.

  • Sean

    Frankly I am really glad that it looks like they are going with one device as their world wide one line Samsung has been doing lately. They just need to get the same phone on all the US carriers then we are golden

  • Bill Murray

    One of these phones better have a 4.3″ 300ppi+ lcd screen that’s light fast and sturdy.. so pretty much a one S with out the barf screen… I’m getting sick of these big android phones, I refuse to buy one. androids a great OS but all the handsets are garbage. an iPhone 5 is the best feeling phone in the hand and has a gorgeous screen. too bad iOS is s**t…

    • Henaway

      Actually Bill, I’ve had the iPhone 5 in my hand … and thought it felt like crap. Thick, heavy, and a bit awkward with that tall skinny screen. And that soft aluminum dents and scratches with ease. I’ll pass for reasons OTHER than iOS being crap.

    • caribouroader

      HTC 8X has 342pp…if you would try Windows 8

    • Cobwiggy

      @henaway..in what world is the iPhone 5 thick? It’s the thinnest phone on the market..

  • Tomatoes11

    I am not giving Apple anymore money so that means no HTC Android phones ever again. Why would they give Apple money for prior art? Pathetic HTC.

  • andy c


    alot of reviews speak favorably of the one X. it has three problems with the mainstream market.

    1. Samsung is pumping a ton of money into advertising.

    2. The SGS3 is on every Canadian and US carrier.

    3. The mainstream buyers are usually one product cycle of infomation behind. “the SGS2 was great might as well get the SGS3” past product rep plays a large part in a mainstream consumer’s decision process.

  • doug

    I quite like my HTC One X, official updates aside of course. I haven’t experienced the wifi or screen issues that have been reported. Its been nothing but reliable, and its truly a beautiful phone. The SGSIII seems so plasticy and garrish compared to it. I have dropped it numerous times and it doesn’t even have a scratch on it. Its quite durable.

  • screamer

    Htc or Samsung what is the differents? I have a case around my phone. But updates coming fast. See the newest update premium suit and also that the 4.2 is coming this year. However when I hear this rumors they are all the same. Quad core or 13 megapixels cam we can cut htc out and replace with Samsung still same thing

  • AWSguy

    HTC, maybe learn from Samsung as well:

    *TouchWix UX has a lot of features built in. Its simple to use. Sense is bloated.
    *SD card
    *Removable battery

    • Mike

      Yuck touchwiz.

    • AWSGuy

      Many people like TouchWiz.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Looks like a non-removable battery. Unless they’ve spoken to Motorola engineers, it’s gonna be sh*t.

  • stef

    Here in Canada we do need carrier support. There is really only one HTC phone you can get with rogers…the one x. No one x plus model… and who would get a one x, when a x plus model is available? Come on M7…come quickly. With a sweet battery!