Nexus 4 leaks online in video form


  • lukeiphone

    It didn’t just leak. They purposely leaked it to promote it.

    • GoogleVoice

      Price, price, price!!
      We know all the things thatmatter for the phone except for the price!

      $350-$400 for the 16GB and it will be a winner (even wihtout SD CARD yuck!)
      or $300 for the 8GB version, since the current Nexus at $350 is expected to drop to $300.

      Price it properly and it will sell by the millions! The hardware is thick and heavy and certainly not a Flagship level for Nov 2012, but people are finding the Painful way (people that bought LG, Sony, Moto phones) that updates and support are King!

    • GoogleVoice

      As another idea: The Nexus should ship WITHOUT a cable! since almost everybody has an usb-microUSB data-cable and car charger, travel charger, home and work charger already!

      It would come as an “environmental” strategy and as a Slap in the face to the Apple fans that need to buy one or two plus the one for the car-cables at $35 each!

  • Oil5darling


    Pretty fast in the video, hopefully its all in real-time.

    Hurricane go away so Google can take my money.

  • anon.

    is it just me or something but i dont like when theback button is on tthe left side of the screen, but i guess being a right handed i would prefer it on the right where its easier to press instead of stretching across the width of the screen

    • Dana

      I’m right handed and I have no problem “stretching” for it. Besides, the back button on all browsers is on the left. It just makes more sense to have it there.

    • Shayne

      That’s easy to change yourself on basically any ROM that isn’t pure stock Android (provided you root).

  • Psy

    Yeah but it also limited the cases and screen protectors available for it. It was nice, but useless and a hindrance practicality wise.

  • Yannick Wolfe

    another android phone that looks just like all the other ones…

    windows phone 8 cant come here soon enough.

    • Hilman

      All the WP8 phones look pretty much the same too only with nasty live tiles and rainbow brite colors, WP8 will catch on as well as WP7……

    • Sai

      Because they’re all on the same line of devices? How stupid are you?

    • deltatux

      Ummm… either you’ve lived under a rock this whole time or you just don’t see it because you’re a fanboy, but almost all Windows Phone 8 devices all look the same with basically the same spec…

      At least there’s variety with Android devices…

  • Hilman

    Looks like it is 5 icons wide now in the app drawer, could be on the home screens too. Looks sweet, can’t wait for my GNex to get 4.2 in the coming days 🙂

    • Sai

      I’m hoping to get the update as well, but I fear for my N7..

    • Craig

      good eye !!!!!!

  • jack

    if u told me that it was the samsung galaxy nexus (picture only), i would have believed it.

  • mark paisley

    i have the galaxy nexus and the look of this is not variant enough. The insides are what matter though

  • Dylan D

    Yeah the specs are great for the price. Off contract unlocked smartphone with great specs for $300. Awesome.

    Kinda sucks I just bought another phone, but there will be more nexus phones soon I’m sure.