Sony C6502 “Odin” to be released in 2013, runs Android OS 4.1.1


  • Michael

    These must be the first projects Sony has full control over.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they turn out.

    Hopefully Sony ends the exclusivity with Rogers and starts selling to more than one carrier. I’d buy their products, but not from Rogers.

  • Falco

    I don’t care anymore. All new phones starting to look like iPhone wannabees. And I don’t like this trend of doing away with memory card slots. Also, I have a 3 yr old Sony Ericsson T715 that has a camera better than anything, relatively speaking, both in pic quality and functions. All it lacks is auto and macro focusing in both still and video, but I have an Xperia pro for that, if necessary. The Xpro is awesome for closeups.

    • Phil R

      Wow boy! It’s almost as if I wrote what you just wrote! I Still have my good ol’ t715 and YES people, it has a wonderful camera in it. 3.2mp that’s very good for landscape! No kidding!

      And as for the xperia pro, again, I have this one too and it is a beautiful machine, old, but can play GTA3 like a charm, and Nova 3 like a… well, pretty good!

  • skinnypig

    Finally they are dropping their confusing (stupid) naming scheme, good riddance!

  • jay

    When i go torogers, telus or bell they onlyshow only the iPhone and that’s it.but when you ask a bit around they show you more. But still hard for other brands to get support here.most of the Times kids are working there that don’t even know or don’t care.

  • superfly

    Jelly bean in 2013? So when key lime pie & lollipop will already be out, Sony will finally release jelly bean phones? No thanks.

  • Zion

    I hope sony will use PSVita’s OS on their mobile and tablet.

  • Captain Falcon

    Some things never change. Drop the Ericsson name but keep releasing Android phones two or three versions behind. Keep up the good work, Sony. That’s called brand consistency.

    -Falcon Punch.

  • 1500cc

    Must be some Commodore fans in the Sony marketing dept.

  • beast

    why doesn’t sony go based on Nexus requirements?? then everyone will be happy…

  • Scott Palmer

    Sony shouldn’t be talking about releasing anything that isn’t JellyBean + 1 and that isn’t Nexus certified.

    Do you want to be a market failure like Microsoft / Nokia and BlackBerry?

  • Not a bear

    “Not that we’re unhappy with what Sony has produced since dropping the Sony Ericsson brand…”

    Most of us were. Putting Gingerbread on a flagship phone in Q3/Q4 2012 is a dealbreaker for many, in addition to the exclusivity with Rogers.

  • Henry

    The current name is much more easier to remember than the rumoured letter + numbers. But then Sony messed the current one by releasing so many different models (ie: S, T, TL, TX, V etc..). If they want consumer to remember their product then stick to the proven naming system (ie: Galaxy S series, iPhone 4,5 etc…), which they have got one part already: Xperia