iPhone 5 available today at SaskTel, MTS and NorthernTel Mobility


  • NorOntByndWrlss

    It is also availible today at NorthernTel Mobility. I wish that Mobile Syrup would list all information from all sources. I provided this tip about a week and a half ago.

  • hmmmm

    what an ugly back design, I just can’t look at it anymore…put some flowers on the table or something…doesn’t look good at all, my advice.

  • steve

    600,000 apps for this phone… but no maps… kinda worthless

  • TP

    Mobilesyrup, why do you put the subsidized prices in the brackets without mentioning anything about contracts? The prices are very misleading, that’s like saying ‘but at the same carriers, you can get Galaxy S2 with $0! Hurry up!’. Please be more specific, there may be people who really believe iPhone 5 is only $179 and will rush to the store and complain when they find out it’s actually triple that price.

  • Derek

    @TP: As someone who sells phones, they come and say that anyway. They even come and say that when it’s advertised as $0 and argue that their phone should be free without a contract.

    • MovieMan87

      Tell me about it! I work at a dealer and jeez people just dont get it.

  • Edward

    So the real question is: When will MTS get some good Samsung devices?

    • Mark

      MTS probably will never get good new Samsung products -re Galaxy S 3.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    Who cares? This phone is garbage.

  • Mark

    Re MTS-did you know iPhone 5 will NOT connect to their new LTE network- re ” carrier load file” -problem specific to Apple.

  • Mark

    iPhone 5 will NOT connect to MTS’s LTE network, re “carrier load file” issue specific to Apple.

  • chip

    @Mark. So iPhone 5 will never connect to MTS LTE network? then why would you get it?

    • Mark

      Didn’t say never, Just for now but who knows for how long !

  • NorOntByndWrlss

    Thank You Mobile Syrup!

  • Gina

    Does the MTS iphone 5 work in Sk??

  • eric

    does anyone know if this iphone 5 from mts cdma or GSM?