Rayman Jungle Run debuts for Android, could just be the most addictive platformer to date

If you’re a mobile gamer in any capacity, you owe it to yourself to try Rayman Jungle Runner. Debuting last week for iOS, it has just been released for Android today after a delay meant to ensure the game was compatible with all Android devices.

The game is a cross between an always-runner such as Canabalt and a puzzle game like Prince of Persia. Rayman, who has a well-worn history on both console and mobile systems, and this game is a one-touch jump/swim/climb platformer that looks absolutely stunning. While the iOS version has yet to be updated to support the iPhone 5’s four-inch screen, Rayman Jungle Run looks amazing on bigger-screen Android devices.

The game is worth the $3.04CDN Ubisoft is charging for it, so head to the Play Store and download Rayman Jungle Run. It runs on devices Android 2.3.3 or higher.

Update: it seems that the build currently on the Play Store isn’t compatible with the North American Galaxy S3. I used it without issue on the international Exynos version, but sorry for the confusion.

Source: Google Play
Via: Android Police