Rayman Jungle Run debuts for Android, could just be the most addictive platformer to date


  • Jonathan

    Says not compatible with my device… i have the galaxy s3 from bell wtf

    • Gsizzle

      It’s fine with the Gnex

    • Chris S

      Glad I’m not the only one having troubles with Galaxy S3. I have a Rogers Galaxy S3… incompatible. Yet my Samsung Galaxy S (original) is compatible.. go figure. Fixxxx soon! Must play.

    • Anonymous

      Update: it seems that the build currently on the Play Store isn’t compatible with the North American Galaxy S3. I used it without issue on the international Exynos version, but sorry for the confusion.

      They might want to make grapihcs way better for us. Maybe this taking more time then normally.

  • Tom

    Humm. There are still some compatibility issues:
    Nexus 7 – yes
    G’Nen – yes
    Galaxy SIII – This item is not compatible with your device.
    LG Optimus One – This item is not compatible with your device.
    Nexus One – yes

    Seems odd that it is not compat. with SGS3 – maybe just a mistake in the listing.

  • Kevin

    Compatible for Asus 201TF

  • Rob

    Same issue for me. Not compatible with my Telus Galaxy S3.

  • chucka82

    Works fine on my GSIII but I’m running AOKP.

    It must be related to the canadian model (I747M).

    Hopefully, it will be fixed quickly.

    • S2556

      Also works on my galaxy S3 runing AOKP jellybean. The developer will have it fixed for the rest of you especially the galaxy s3 people within the next couple days if that.

  • mik

    Not compatible with my HTC One S (Telus)

  • Brayden

    Not compatible with my s3….

  • Darth Paton

    Not compatible with my Nokia lumia 900 WTF!

  • Robert

    Guess you can all buy an iPhone now! Oh this is going to get thumbed down into oblivion mwaha

  • P-A

    FRom what I can see, it seems compatible with the s3 but only not with our canadian s3… It’s a bummer!!

  • Carlo

    Odd that Daniel who wrote the article had it working on his GS3 yet it won’t on any of ours.

    BTW, the link to game works but if you search for Rayman it does list.

  • Adam

    This game is actually fun! Working great on my HTC One X.

  • iDroid

    Works on my iPhone 5 running iOS 6!

  • PumaYaYa

    Truly beautiful awesome game!

  • luke

    Not working on my tells gs3… really looking fwd to this game, hoping it is acknowledged by Ubisoft and fixed soon!