This Lightning to microUSB adapter for iPhone 5 should be offered in Canada


  • MER1978

    Considering the profit margin on the phones + the prevalence of accessories that people have bought… kind of seems stupid for crazy rich apple to not give these away for free.

    • Dee

      I think they’re trying to push the limit as far as they can. I mean people keep buying right? Nothing will change unless the people take the first step.

    • P500

      Samsung Galaxy S2 has a micro USB connectol with HML capabilities. You can buy the adapter that plugs into the micro USB port of the phone and then it has a female HDMI; that allows you to watch all your HD movies …in your HD TV.

      Apple could have done something like that, but then how do you manage to seel your $6 adapters for $40 ??
      People hate Apple for that, but LOVE the price of the stock; where do they think all that money comes from??

    • Jim.Shorts

      Their actions remind me of the forbidden fruit and the consequences on Adam and Eve (humanity) if you fall for that temptation.

  • Devin

    Just check eBay or Expansys UK after they release it. Someone will make a knock off, or even sell authentic copies to the rest of the globe.

    • Hub

      I’m pretty they’d get sued for that.

    • Big Ang

      You can find numerous “non-official” apple adaptors, chargers, etc. for any Apple product available on Ebay. Give it a few months and you’ll find these little adaptors for a couple of dollars (shipping included) from sellers in China.

      Ebay is where I got a spare adapter for my Macbook, a replacement Macbook batter, a couple of USB plugs for my iPod Shuffle, and several DVI and VGA -to-MiniDVI dongles. Not to mention replacement batteries for cellphones, cameras, etc. As long as you’re willing to wait the 3-4 weeks, you can get these for a fraction of the cost

    • Jim.Shorts

      From my understanding it is harder now to create knock-offs because there is a chip in the actual adapter. Without that chip, no knockoff dock, connector, etc will work without Apple’s blessing.

      They really hurt a lot of people with this lightning design.

      I will be voting with my wallet.

  • Matt

    Didn’t Apple work on a technology to wirelessly transmit video?

    MHL would be another option. Or a built in HDMI port?

    We don’t really need video out on the iPhone with a cable, no one complains that we don’t have ethernet ports on our phones.

  • LOL

    Honestly good for Apple to produce all these crappy products, price gauge their isheep and then squeeze even more money out of them with things like these. It clearly indicates that the Apple engineers are smarter than their average customer. People that are obviously smarter than isheep have androids/bbs/win phones and would not spend $35 for a cable that plugs into your pc when the equiv for every other phone is less than $10.

  • Aydin

    all the reason I dont by apple products. they are like a disease.

  • Shawn Payne

    Those Chinese ebay stores that will be selling these knockoff adaptors are gonna make a killing. You’ll probably be able to get 2 adapters for $5 vs the $35 Apple will be charging.

  • andyb

    Like all the other crap apple charges an arm for,it will be available online for $1.50 from Taiwan and probably last longer.

  • JaymmerMan

    “Apple, instead of building an iPhone specifically with microUSB input, which would limit its TV- and audio-out functionality”
    Aren’t there android phones right now with multi use – micro usb/micro hdmi ports?
    Doesn’t the old HTC desire HD have one port that does both?

  • Baseer

    “For Android users upgrading to an iPhone 5”


    “For Android users downgrading to an iPhone 5”


  • Johnny

    Already on sale on fleabay for 50$+. It’s a pity people want to make so much profit on such an item. Or maybe they’re just trying to pay back their iPaid!

  • Jorge

    Personly I don’t own any mini USB cables. Got rid of them when my last blackberry crapped out. I get that it sucks having to switch cables after 7 years but how’s this different than when mini USB switched to micro?

  • iDroid

    “For Android users upgrading to an iPhone 5,..”

    what about a downgrade?

  • Tomatoes

    They will release it here eventually. There is money to made from it and we all know that Apple is all about the dollar.

  • Iphone

    Thanks god for ebay 😉

  • Sam

    Let the rip of begin.

  • blahblahblabh

    You know what will be better?
    Mirco Usb adapter to this MessedUpPin

  • Zeake

    This apple…

  • Lyndon

    The only way you can ‘upgrade’ to an iPhone is if you are either a feature phone user or a blackberry user. For me to get an iPhone would be a seriously big step backwards compared to what I have now.

  • JP

    Awww its so cuteeeee!!!!!!

  • vn33

    “… rather we stay within the Apple ecosystem”
    You have to be blind not to see that’s how the Fruity company garners so many”loyal” customers, and rake in billions in the process.

  • MattyMattMatt

    “Apple, instead of building an iPhone specifically with microUSB input, which would limit its TV- and audio-out functionality”
    Wait… how would it have done that when I can buy docks for Androids that do this over the microUSB and I can get adapters for HDMI as well? Don’t post crap like that. Sure note very Android supports it, but it is completely possible as the Apple connector is just USB in a different shape.

  • Porilaisten

    What a SCAM

  • HO

    Wait…sin’t that thing supposed to be USB ready? what kind of “Smartphone” is this anyway?, not even a USB?, a REAL USB?…POC