Older Motorola phones will not be compatible with bootloader unlocking program

Motorola recently announced its bootloader unlocking initiative for newer devices such as the RAZR Developer Edition and Photon 4G in the U.S. Unfortunately no Canadian devices are currently supported, and it looks like legacy handsets such as the ATRIX 4G and XT860 will not be compatible with the bootloader unlocking program.

Motorola replied to a tweet sent by a curious fan, parlaying the unfortunate news in a most unglamorous way. Asked whether previous devices would have unlocked bootloader access, Motorola’s Twitter account replied, “That is not currently in the plan.” Disappointing news for sure, but certainly not unexpected.

Hopefully, like HTC is doing, all future devices will be compatible with the bootloader unlocking program, especially now that the company is owned by Google.

Source: Twitter
Via: Droid-life