Will BlackBerry 10 have a Siri-like voice assistant?


  • Dalex

    RIM has to release a device that is the whole package. It must be able to have the features of Android/IOS and offer impressive hardware both in terms of design and specs. Siri has been one upped by Google Now, so this RIM voice assistant needs to match, if not exceed Google Now.

    Tall order, if not impossible…, but I wish RIM all the best. Competition is good.

    • woop

      agreed. I hope BB 10 doesn’t have a siri-like assistant, because siri sucks _____. They need to put out something good if they want to do well.

  • Ronll

    GO RIM !!

    I’m a true Supporter and Developer and I will contiune to support RIM as long as the keep making the right steps

    And if you say RIM is dead and there stock will drop to 00.00$ you must be smart….

    So why don’t you list your diploma or degree in business and then explain why you need to come on to a Tech website to give your stock insight

    If your looking for a real dead company look at NOKIA -_-

    I really hope these “RIM is dead” people are not Canadians

    • Alcide

      So, obviously you are the smartest one here right?

      Yea, umm…. Learn to read a joke like a joke…

      If you actually look at the voice of siri, and then the voice of the BB10 voice assistant in that video, you will be able to tell that both of those voices are the same… If RIM doesn’t change the sound of the voice then Apple with have another lawsuit that they can file… Not that I believe it is right for Apple to be laying down lawsuits left right and centre, but some of these competitor companies are just doing it to themselves…

      So yea, learn sarcasm before you start lambasting people about their education… Makes you sound like the uneducated wino…

      P.P.S. By the way, I am Canadian… I support a lot of Canadian businesses, but please, don’t start thinking that just because a few Canadians don’t support RIM doesn’t make them bad Canadians… That’s just being ignorant…

    • nik

      you want a reason?
      the company is clueless as &$#!
      they cant launch anything properly…storm, playbook. recent phones crash and u have to reload the os
      they dont talk to the media properly…oh next product of ours is going to be a quantum leap..wtf? its the same phone os with different icons.
      sales are declining and their margin per unit is nothing they are selling phone for 300 $..do you know how much they are making on that ? not much to keep this company alive.
      they cut 1/3 of their staff..you really think they will make it ? without their staff.
      they get hit with law suits every day…few weeks ago they were ordered to pay 147 million…guess what that cash they keep talking about isnt going to last forever.
      90% of s&p 500 companies are testing iphones and androids on their network…these other os are moving into corp networks so rim has nothing on them.

      do you want me to keep going or you had enough?

  • keiyui

    I think this device has a good chance to get rim back into the game. It has a few bugs they need to fix out. But hey you never know.

    • Krom


      Ok if you say so.

  • Todd

    FYI… RIM has used Nuance tech long before Apple, and still does.

  • jack

    RIM gonna get sued

    • metoo

      only if the infringe…

    • hoo dat

      Sued for what? Seri’s intellectual property is owned by Nuance and obvioulsy they’re working with RIM. As mentioned previously, Nuance apps have been standard or available on BlackBerrys long before Siri entered the scene.

  • Mark

    Apple getting its case ready vs. bb10

    -violates its patent on rectangles
    -violates patent on round corners
    -violates patent on a touch keyboard
    -violates patent on voice commands to do anything on a phone
    -violates patent on making a smartphone

    Slavishly copying apple s m h

    • Fanberry10

      No!! Mark.

  • Krom

    Wow that was an IMPRESSIVE ! voice demo of voice on BB10.
    Ya i can see how this is going to revolutionize the industry.


    Like i said , BB10 will released with features that are already out and nothing to be impressed about especially when compared to Android and IOS.

  • jansen

    is this nuance?

  • Sam

    Who cares

  • 8mos

    A demo about a sotware that MIGHT be coming in eight months??
    -Stock at $6.7 and we are Still in JULY!

    Call me in October when Siri2 will be out, Stock will be at $4 and this close to-Siri1 version will be DATED and still will have 4 months to go!

    Right now the question for RIM will be how low will the stock be by the next Qreport and two weeks after the iphone5. THEN we will see if RIM will survive the rest of the year.

    BB10 is soooo out of the picture now arriving on the first Q of NEXT YEAR.

  • MB

    why are they pop up windows? why a large icon at the bottom, it’s better to go full screen no? not too promising, that’s sad, I might have liked a physical keyboard…

  • Richard

    Stop talking and release a new phone already. You should have seen you were going to lose it in early 2010 if the trends kept happening. I love supporting canadian companies/small companies so long as they provide me with the best product. Rim has not done that. From the leader to the back of the pack in two years.

  • Matt

    This is pretty much the same as the voice controls that have been on blackberrys for years, if there adding it to the dev alphs its probably so people can devolope apps with voice control, other wise I see no reason for them to add it to the dev alphas

  • jellmoo

    I am already intrigued by BB10, though I worry that the delay will prove to be too much for RIM.

    That being said, Siri like voice control doesn’t actually add any interest to me. Voice control seems a little gimmicky to me. I would much prefer a solid device that has the bases covered, gives a great user experience, has tremendous battery life, and have an army of quality apps at launch.

  • Jared

    For a company on the brink, you would think they would realize they need to innovate and not duplicate what others do. Guess not.

    • 2dfx

      @Jared – you’re f*cking stupid…the voice you hear is Nuance’s voice suite. RIM has been using the Nuance voice command interpreter LONG before iSheep got their hands on it. If anything, Apple duplicated what RIM has been doing for years.

      Duplication implies there was something previously there to copy, which this does not apply to.

  • EvanK

    I used to think that Siri was the leader in voice commands, but after seeing Google Now’s voice search, Siri seems quite mediocre.

  • Jamesy563

    this siri like will be worthless for deaf BB users, I also think Qwerty devices for BB10 will not sell well to keep up with Android or Apple.

  • Sipton

    Thorsten: We need something innovative, amazing, and never seen before..

    Management: Let’s copy Apple?

    Thorsten: Daah!! Peerrrfect.

  • Don

    If RIM manages to pull this off they will still need need to follow it up.

  • Sub-Joker

    wasn’t this (or something similar) was already available for blackberry. voice command has always been there…. wasn’t it (or was that my vlingo app??)

  • Krom

    REAL innovative.