Will BlackBerry 10 have a Siri-like voice assistant?

It looks like BlackBerry 10 will have voice commands in addition to a great virtual keyboard. In the latest update to the BB10 Dev Alpha device, developers have discovered a roughly-implemented voice command system that sounds a lot like Siri. In fact, the woman’s voice sounds exactly like Siri, which gives us pause to believe that it is powered by Nuance, that same technology that powers Apple’s voice assistant.

The service doesn’t work all that well at the moment, and the user interface is, well, ugly. But we’re hoping that it will be fleshed out between now and Q1 2013 when BB10 is released.

If BlackBerry 10 has a voice assistant like Siri, would it influence your decision to buy one? Check the break for a brief demo of the nascent service.

Source: N4BB