Jelly Bean coming to Asus Transformer Pads “in the coming months”


  • Bob

    Asus has the best support.

  • Drew B

    Be nice if someone reported where the ell I could be this!! Especially after the shipping/order coudln’t be fulfilled crap with the Prime ( than leading to it’s wi-fi /GPS debacle! ) Now your reporting about Jelly Bean and Futureshop or the subsiderary owner BestBuy in Canada don’t sell them !! Nor Staples or The Source!! I have only found them online at an U.S online sotre/ Canadian .ca part in ! Be nice to be able to get one in person and take it back or get an instore warrenty if issues came up ! And what of the alleged LTE version ?? Whom are the providers going to be ? Rogers/Fido? Bell/Virgin? Telue/Koodoo? Be nice for an update from a Canadian Tech/Mobile review/preview site on my own country of Canada !!!

    • jack

      that education

  • MARS

    Someone made a post about ASUS being one of the worst tech companies in terms of build quality because of the Nexus 7 issues!!

    IMO ASUS is one of the best tech companies out there!! They build rock solid products especially their motherboards and networking hardware. I have the first Transformer tablet and have had absolutely no issues with it at all and very timely updates!!

    Now if they only build a decent Smartphone!!

    • Steve

      You mean like the Padfone?

  • Kevin

    Asus has had their issues, but thus far I’ve been extremely happy with the support they’ve been giving to their already awesome products.

    Manufacturing wise is the next step they need to take both in production and quality control if they REALLY want to shine above everybody else.

    Looking at the Jelly Bean port in on the Prime vs Nexus7, it looks like the Prime is even smoother. Just. Can’t. Wait.

  • Johnathan

    No love for my TF101? 🙁

  • Sined

    TF101 isn’t even on Android 4.0.4, it’s on 4.0.3

  • KyoKeun

    Hopefully it’s soon… My TF300T needs some jelly bean love!!!!

  • tye

    Ok so here’s the deal, jellybean does not support flash and adobe does not support jellybean……. So my question is how will I watch videos on my devices.

  • tye

    By the way…… If this is the case, I will stick with ice until?

  • Andy

    every tech company has had their build issues, nothing is ever is electronics and software….I am sure that if Asus doesn’t bring something for the TF101 that some dev will for sure….but right tft101 still blows so many tablets and laptops out of the water that i am very thank full for Asus’s Transformer Series