Kodak loses patent infringement case against Apple and RIM


  • InfinitiGuy

    Kodak was once a hugely respected company but has now turned into a patent troll shell business to feed greedy lawyers.

  • Andy

    They’re just patent trolling, trying to suck every bit of cash out of any facet of the business they can for their higher ups. Its this kind of crap that particularly stifles innovation. Here’s hoping that Kodak disappears.

  • Henaway

    Dear Kodak … you’re bankrupt. How are you paying lawyers?

  • Rich

    I’ve always liked Kodak as a brand and company. Looks like they didn’t screw consumers / extort their workers enough to survive like the other corporate entities.

  • Alex

    Glad for RIM.. Though I would have enjoyed to see Apple losing this 🙁