Samsung files trademarks for the Galaxy Metrix, Velvet and Legend


  • superfly

    First…… Names suck

  • astudent

    Samsung’s galaxy line is becoming WAY to numerous, so many phones to keep track of!

  • zed

    At this rate, they’ll trademark all names in the dictionary.

  • Marc

    Wasn’t this HTC’s downfall? Too many devices? Ironic too that “Legend” was also used by HTC.

    Just trademark Galaxy S(x) where (x) is an integer > 2. Also need the Roman numeral representations of said integer in the trademark.

  • mike

    Galaxy – To me this line signifies what Samsung is to the world. Beautiful, Powerful, Sleek, Inspiring, Stunning. C’mon Samsung, keep your Galaxy line as your Pro Line of devices and lets not float mediocre devices amongst this Line..

  • elcubanito

    There are no name in a Dictionary, only words. Trust me I checked.

  • Blair M

    Legend what the Heck Im sure HTC will be watching this very closey. Sansumg get your hands off my HTC Legend!

  • NienorGT

    Samsung Legend with a unibody casing and a chin? xD