Rogers and Fido Galaxy Nexus dropping to $50 on a 3-year this week


  • Sean

    With the prices we pay and the length of our contracts all phones should be free on Contract. That is how it is in the UK all phones are free on a two year contract

    • Matt Polkiewicz

      Who would buy the lower-end smartphones then? They’d have to lower the plan costs for those phones.

  • JB

    Bell’s was 0$ at Futureshop on Monday, but I can’t seem to find the listing on their website.

  • Mystic09

    I would be so angry if I was one of the people who paid 159$ for it.

    Maybe I should wait a few weeks afte the Note comes out to see if it’s price will drop this much also.

    • Matt Polkiewicz

      I’d wait for the note. You’re almost guaranteed at least $50 off within the first month.

  • James

    its not even that good of a phone! the Galaxy S2 has better specs!

    • cheenachatze

      Very true. The Nexus branded phones are the development platform, but are not necessarily the state of the art. Google releases them to bring out new technologies. They are not trying to compete with their partners. That’s why the Nexus Galaxy does not have the fastest processor or the best camera.

  • Amin

    Does anyone know whether Best Buy will honour special offers I have from Fido for signing up with a new 3 year data plan, such as 30$ for 6 gig of data and 50 dollar bonus FidoTrade credit?
    Cause that would make this 0$ for me, with a 60 dollar plan with 6 gig data and everything else that I need. If I can get this, its time to upgrade =D

  • Money is Everything

    They had to lower it cause windilicity has it now. Isn’t competition wonderful?

  • cheenachatze

    Almost $600 subsidy is very attractive. But would you want to keep this phone for 3 years? I’d rather they lower the outright price, so I can sell it whenever I feel like.

  • Non

    Pay $50 for a phone now and $600 annually for three years

    • GPrime

      If you think you’re going to get a worthwhile plan for this phone for $50 on Rogers, you’re dreaming.

      $50 up front, and more like $900 annually taxes in.

      No thanks!

  • Taylor

    I paid full price for it on day one on Rogers after extending my contract for another 3 years. GODDAMMIT.

    • Draigo

      There’s price for being an early adopter and having bragging rights. 😉

    • jonny

      Thats what you get for being a sucker.

      Paying full price AND signing a 3 year contract is just STUPID. You only have yourself to blame.

  • shaggyskunk

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Carriers had the phones free or really cheap to start with? Give a break to those Guinea pigs that will sort through the “teething pains”? ie LTE!!!

  • Puneet

    Hey I dont know about future shop or best buy but CELLULAR POINT Store have the SAMSUNG NEXUS ALREADY AT $35 ONLY PLUS SAM GALAXY S2 FOR $0.00 . I referred all my freinds to go to cellular point stores because of there attractive pricing on phones. All freinds got from the Store At agincourt mall scarborough for $0.00 couple of days back.

  • Rich

    Find a friend at Telus and get their team webstore discount and this’ll likely be free once Telus matches this offer.

  • Mike

    Why does anyone buy a phone when it first comes out? SO not worth it. (I’m talking about buying it on contract)

  • chittral

    Ive had this phone for less than a week and its absolutely a pleasure to use. Besides average camera and low speaker the device is speedy and feels good in the hand. However the battery life is medicore. Im on wind and the data speeds are above decent.

  • Money is Everything

    I would still wait for the razr maxx. I want to go the entire day without recharging.

  • jonny

    I was going to get this phone, but instead I got the Nexus S for free (no contract), and its such a nice phone that I really feel no need to upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus. Once I get ICS, there wont be a huge difference between the phones. I originally planned to sell the Nexus S once the GN was available, but now i think I will wait till the next Nexus comes out.

  • Ryan

    This is why I would have a hard time buying any non-iphone in the first month or so. There is a lot of price skimming being done, particularly on the high end Androids.

  • crimsona

    Can’t wait for the Galaxy Note to see these kinds of price drops. 700+ in subsidy, oh man

  • Ottowind

    I so want this phone! But T1MB1T says not to get it because I would be supporting the evil ones! I want it and he says no..

    BTW love the no gag reflex!

  • glonq

    Dammit, I already paid $99.

  • WeirdG

    Just an FYI, this doesn’t come with Gorilla glass or a MicroSD expansion slot. The glass is a fortified glass of some sort, and the you only get 16GB or storage space. If you only use the phone for apps, then 16GB should be plenty. If you plan to watch movies or want it to keep your entire collection of music, then look elsewhere. I love my GNex, but I’ll prolly upgrade to the Samsung GS3 when that’s release, primarily because of the expansion slot.

  • Tj

    3 year contracts are insane , most people will and do regret them when they try to go for them just to get a cheap phone will be paying a lot more in the long run.

    Stick with Wind Mobile , Mobilicity and Public Mobile instead of Robbers you will always save more.