Mobilicity launching the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on February 6th


  • EmperumanV

    I wonder what the price will be? Competitive than the Big 3 hopefully.

  • drizzo613

    good for them. There shouldn’t have been any exclusive launches to begin with

  • hd1

    To which Wind responded, herp. Herp derp.

  • Alex Perrier

    Great. Now when will Mobilicity:
    * expand its network and service offerings, or
    * permanently lower their service prices to reflect their limited coverage, compared to WIND, both inside and outside five cities?

    In any case, February will be exciting! Hoping to see low-priced yet powerful Android and WINDows Phone 7 devices for AWS carriers! 🙂

  • XER

    Excellent job! Mobi usually has it $50 less than others… So, maybe $549.99 outright?

  • AllanVS

    Mobilicity CEO Stewart Lyons said the phone will be more than $550. It’ll more than likely be $600.

  • Samantha Dook

    No Iphone – no deal!

  • Kalo

    where the hell is wind at

    • Nerou

      Wind is being blown from coast to coast in Canada.

  • AWS Fan

    AND Mobilicity also won’t tell you that they throttle their data speeds to a crawl…so spend all that money on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone to use the internet, only to find out you can’t watch youtube, netflix, or maybe even open an attachment in a timely fashion.
    Thanks for mutton!
    Limited coverage throughout Canada, compared to WIND, and only in a few cities, with no expansion plan in sight. YAWN.
    Please check every other post on Howard Forums, all about their deplorable data speeds.

    • deltatux

      They do state that they do throttle in their Service Terms and Conditions. Maybe people should read the T&C prior to joining would help a long way.

      Section 4.3:

      “if we determine in our sole discretion that your usage is
      unreasonable, excessive or abusive, unreasonable, excessive or abusive, or if we determine in our sole discretion that your call or
      usage pattern(s) resembles these characteristics, we may suspend, block, limit, restrict, reduce the speed or set other conditions related to the unlimited offering, your Services, any
      part of your Services and to refuse to provide you Services thereafter without notice to you.”

      I do view YouTube, check email and etc. and unless you constantly tether, you shouldn’t use more than 1 GB/month (2 GB/month max). Like WIND, Mobilicity doesn’t throttle until you hit 5 GB.

  • Blah blah blah

    So why exactly is it a big deal when a new provider launches one of the nexus phones? They come unlocked, meaning that as soon as the first company releases it anyone can go buy one outright and just use it with any other carrier. It’s not like they’re introducing a product we haven’t already had access to, even their own subscribers could have already gotten one from bell when they first put it up for sale.

    • Simon

      Bell and Virgin sell the Galaxy Nexus LOCKED (at least that’s what their salespeople told me), so you’d either have to pay them to get it unlocked or trawl the web for a way to do it yourself. You’d also prolly get their crapware installed on the Nexus, right ? I’m waiting for Mobilicity to come out with it Feb. 6th.

    • Blah blah blah

      Sounds like they lied to you to get you to sing up with them, because no nexus device is ever locked to any carrier. Ever.

  • Leon okolo

    What good is a phone like that if you don’t have the network to enjoy it to its fullest potential? Sure, the plans are unlimited everything but what good is it really with limited coverage and throttled data speeds? No dice, sorry.

    • Rio

      Not everyone travels between cities everyday.

      Believe it or not some people work 5 mins away from their house and rarely leave their city.

  • Cyrano84

    And they end the super saving plan on Feb 5th? good job

  • Hugh Gerection

    Galaxy nexus is soooo 2011. They need to get the RAZR MAXX.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Wind is last again? No firm date? Are they even going to get it? but its true you can buy it from the big 3, have a warranty and have it serviced. At Wind? not so much..

    jabroni is such a maroon.

  • KennyWinker

    wind is slackin!

  • JP

    @rocco limpreddi, that’s right you can buy it at one of the big 3 and by the time you paid all the overages on your data, you could have probably bought 2 more from the big 3. This articles is not about WIND but because of your fascination with WIND and your desire to move from your janitorial position at Rogers to a similar desired position at WIND, you constantly need to bring up WIND. Too bad WIND wouldn’t hire you for a janitorial position. Get over it kid and get on with your life. I hear that McDonalds is hiring. I am sure you can clean up the tables and empty the trash there.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      Jerk Pull I was saying if you buy it from the big 3 you get a warranty.. is that so hard for you and your part time job cleaning the chin of mikey jones so hard to understand? Seems so. As we all know you want a real phone put it on a real network.. I have said it before.. wind is just treading water.. no network and no lte in the plan.. enjoy your AWS goodness jabroni

  • EmperumanV

    @Samantha Dook – keep your iSheep comments elsewhere.

    @blah blah blah – True, but for one to go buy the phone outright at any carrier, they’d have to have an account with that respective carrier. Plus some carriers might force you to sign up for a data plan or something. Carriers are very tricky like that. I bought the GN off Bell for the full price since I have an account with them. I tried to pull the same stunt at a Rogers store, first thing they asked is if I had a Rogers account, and I said yes (lied of ocurse), then they asked for the # (gave my dad’s #) then they asked for ID.

    So its a YMMV thing. At least with Mobilicity you can create an account/get a plan, and buy the phone outright. Then immediately cancel your plan and get the money back.

  • EmperumanV

    @Hugh Gerection Won’t work i.e the Razr Max or whatever – because it uses micro sim only which Mobi/Wind doesn’t have.

  • AllanVS

    @Deltatux: I was at an event last night with Stewart Lyons, and others, and Lyons said if you use more than 100mb in 15min, your service will be throttled.

  • Slype

    Samsunged again!

  • Mario

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Rogers is selling the Galaxy Nexus unlocked. I got my hands on one and it worked when I slipped in my Mobilicity SIM.

    Can anyone report that they *needed* to get their phone unlocked?

    • lol

      @Mario Ive been using a rogers gnex on mobi for the last 2 weeks, the thing is completely unocked out of the box. WHy wait?

  • lol

    @Simon the phone is unlocked and no bloatware on all carriers, the salespeople are wrong. Dinosaurs of an age gone by. THe locked telephone age.

  • E

    Galaxy Nexus comes unlocked no matter which carrier it is from.

    Hoping this will be the same release date for WIND. Please please please. Who knows what the current promotion will be at that time, or if it is even voice plan related. Either way, Galaxy Nexus at WIND can’t go wrong. Cheaper plan, unlimited usage, larger coverage than Mobilicity and you can take advantage of the WINDtab+ as long as you are qualified.

    And in reference to data usage on the phone, at WIND on the unlimited plan it is unlimited but will slow down your speed once you hit the 5GB mark. Netflix galore and I have not experienced any slow downs yet.

  • raj

    I hope Wind gets LTE. They already signed a contract wit MTS All stream to provide their IP backbone…I have a feeling wind is ready to kick it into high gear. My fear is Wind might have to raise prices but they may not want to do that now as they need to stay competitive. AWS is not the greatest for speed or coverage but with 700 Mhz band, they can use the same towers sites. Roger, Bell and Telus may have the best networks but they will need to adapt and over better plan pricing to meet Wind’s expanding network.