Nokia reports Q4 2011: We’ve “sold well over 1 million Lumia devices to date”


  • JL

    Nice, but consider Apple, sold 37 Million in the one quarter. That’s a 37:1 ratio.

    • andy c

      It’s a decent start considering they only sold the Lumia’s in Europe for Q1.

      will be interesting to see the numbers at the end of this year once Nokia fully rolls out in Asia and the America’s.

      In the end it still wont touch the Iphone in sales. this is coming from someone who currently has a WP7 device and will be upgrading to a Nokia WP7 later this year

  • WOW

    It will be 1 000 001.
    I’ll get mine the second it’ll land in here.

  • bigman

    nokia + windows phone 7 = a heavenly match

  • Brian Li

    It seems like there is a deception here. I was doing more research on the sales of Nokia Lumia, and I came across this post that when Nokia announced that they “sold well over 1 million Lumia devices to date”, they literally mean TO January 2012, and not actually Q4 figures. This was confirmed by SlashGear.

    Maybe Mobilesyrup can help investigate this??

  • derp a herp

    I gotta say… I wanted to like wp7… I tried to like wp7… I find it fluid, and lacking. It’s almost a cult classic as it’s so bad it’s good… but then I think about how boring it is and put my SIM back into a different phone. Maybe Nokia can sway initial purchasers with the styling, but long term wp7 is doomed to fail. Android for the tinkerers, ios for its simplicity. Wp7 is neither. Just my opinion as a technology junkie and user of all major devices.