Upcoming Facebook for Android update also bringing a dedicated Places app?


  • stephan

    they should focus on fixing all of the outstanding bugs before adding more.

  • Therm0

    And improving performance. That app is super-slow and often sucks down 50% of my battery.

  • Dylan K

    Looking forward to the update, always liking to have one app do multiple things. And it will come with the usual salvo of bug fixes and tweaks I’m sure.

  • Jamie S

    I hope this update also fixes the problem with not being able to see posts on company pages. Does anyone else have this problem?

    i’ve recently come from iPhone to Android and i can no longer see any posts on pages (i.e. UFC, Round 5,) other than the moderators posts…. no fan posts, no comments etc.

  • Andrew

    As well as give us the ability to poke people

  • Vineet

    They Should Improve the UI, Most of the time the touch response is so irresponsive and irritates the Sh** out of me.
    Well new functions are always welcome provided they resolve old issues.

  • Thomas

    I just use the web app now on iPhone, the app has always been really buggy and always will be.

  • saki

    m.facebook.com on android is soooo much better than the app, just sucks cause you cant get push notifications and have to resort to having the app.

  • frka

    Anybody have a leak?

  • DM

    Dear FB, I don’t really care for any of your additional feature sine your app is as slow as molasses and force closes as if that is a feature.

  • Hammad

    They need to add support for the new contacts API in ICS…

  • Alex

    major bugs:juice sucker, ram eater, slow as hell and more importantly, some “Like” buttons don’t appear in fotos,posts, and status